I did this for yvesaffection ’s Rune Factory challenge thing
I was gonna try the Rune Factory Style but it’s so hard I gave up and just sketched her instead.

Okay RF fandom, I challenge you! What would your character look like if you were a bachelor/ette in RF4?? (This isn’t me, but an OC of mine, though I suppose she was originally loosely based on me, haha) 

Birthday: Winter 11
Weapon Class: Staff/Magic
Fav. Gift: Chocolate
Liked Gifts: All sweets and desserts, most raw veggies, cheese, hot chocolate, fruit smoothie, all fruits, pizza, rice, french fries, pancakes, popcorn
Disliked Gifts: Ketchup, sashimi, mayonnaise
Hated Gift: Wine

Soft-spoken and rather shy, she is a half-elf girl who loves to sing, stargaze, and adores to cook, especially sweets. Loves winter and can’t stand hot weather. She loves cute things, and gets flustered quite easily. Dislikes conflict. She wishes to one day overcome her fear of people and become a singer.

Anyway, this was a lot of fun to do! I’m not so great at outfit designing, but I think it turned out okay in the end.


I keep seeing those “Isabelle cannot be harmed” videos and thought haha yeah right but then