NOTOX is a program within the EU that is developing scientific methods to test consumer products and drugs without any need for animal testing. One project involves using human liver cells to test our body’s reaction to various chemicals. I imagine those who are concerned about animal rights would be very interested to know about this. Those who are concerned about scientific progress and communication would also be very interested. This would be promising to both parties. 

Seriously too scared (and wouldn’t want to inject anything into my face) to use #Botox

BUT!!! Lord knows I am already starting to feel old in the face and want to keep it all tight! This is a great way to do it naturally!

As the world’s first and only natural and organic alternative to botox, Natox is a revolutionary new way to challenge the signs of ageing by combining cutting edge technology with 100% pure, organic ingredients. Safely replicating the effects of botox, Natox painlessly penetrates the skin deep down, acting directly on the muscles and nerves which cause the creation of lines and wrinkles. 


Anti-Aging is the new approach in skin care. Honestly, it’s the only approach! It is increasingly difficult to turn back the clock, to take away fine lines and wrinkles! However with a little diligence and the proper skin care products for you, it isn’t so tricky to stop those pesky age intensifying signs right in their tracks! 

My Top 5 Tips for keeping your skin looking as healthy and young as possible…

1. Drink plenty on water

2. Follow a consistent skin care regimen that addresses your specific needs. Your skin is like a child, it isn’t going to tell you that is needs structure, but it will certainly show you positive results if you care for it consistently :)


A.M. Rinse skin clean with luke warm water and apply a daytime protection pre makeup and or suncsreen.

P.M. Cleanse, Tone, Treat, Moisturize! (what does treat mean? Apply and anti-ageing serums or spot treatments).


3. Treat yourself to a facial and glycolic peel once every month or two. The relaxation and deep exfoliation will help keep those silly lines off your skin for sure! 

4. Get Plenty of sleep! And if at all possible, attempt to catch those zzzzz’s between 10pm and 2am, as this is when your skin does it’s most productive healing!

5. Eat as many antioxidant packed foods as possible. These free radical fighting foes will help keep you looking younger from the inside out!  


We LOVE this video… it really speaks to what we are trying to do at - letting your natural beauty shine through. instead of botox… let’s do notox!


Had an amazing practice last night, new tunez being made n that, getting ready for the album (oooh). So here’s an old song that we filmed for you all - Enjoy.

Your born with a crown…Nourish it!!!
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