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TAG YOU'RE IT! Here are the guidelines: 1) Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves. 2) You have to choose and tag ten people, as well. 3) Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them. 4) Sadly enough, there is no tagging back~ ^^

  1. I’m short
  2. I have 6 blogs but I abandoned 2 
  3. I like to go on YouTube or anywhere to find new music
  4. Other than tumblr, I spend most of my time on watching re-runs of shows or movies
  5. I like Japanese shows especially Downtown’s no laughing batsu games
  6. I dunnnnno what else ;A;
  7. ummm I had adobo fried rice earlier
  8. I have a coat rack filled w/ bags. I think I have 20 but I only use 3 lol.
  9. Dipdi daridu~
  10. okay I’ll tag 5 people whoever I see on my dash right now.
and another

How long have been listening to Korean Music? 2 years? not sure
Favorite rapper? zico?
Type of music you listen to other than Kpop? pop, rnb, pop rock, a bit of ballad and hiphop
Have you ever been in love? yes
Fandom you’ve been the longest? classmate
Your ideal type. check my tag: dream guy
Something about you that we might not know yet. i secrectly a kpop idol
Favorite Non-Kpop artist? i dont think there is ._.
Favorite color/s? purple, white n black then blue
First Kpop song you’ve heard? gararago, again and again, fire and i dont care
A message to your followers hi guise, love me..message me..


n o t o r i o u s k i d o n t h e b l o c k —>

Ate Sarah! I know you are on Semi-Hiatus on tumblr. But I know this is the only place I can express this.

Happy Birthday! Thank you for sticking up with me! I know I can be pretty nasty. XD I’m sorry if I ever burden you when I ran into trouble. You know that you are one out of few Fangirls I trust (locally guys, we ran a Text Clan. Actually they do. I’m just the so called “Founder”. Haha. I know. ^__^v) Thank you for always listening to my rants. I know it’s too much for you already.

I’m still looking forward on meeting you Unnie!

To my JUNPLET2: I met you as a Jester, I love you as a Jester and I’d forever register you as a Jester. No matter how many hoars you have on your sleeves we will be JESTERS FOREVER! Hihi. I love you soooo much Unnie.