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Easily the best hour of my life #thecourteeners #vfest #stafford #notnineteenforever

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Majical Cloudz - Childhood’s End

Guess this is relevant cause it’s my 20th birthday today.

Birthday celebrations!!

So sad to see my 19th birthday literally speed past me!! :( and then realising I’ve spent a WHOLE YEAR with my boyfriend, haha! Amazing how time flies so fast when your having so much fun :)

Anyways.. Sunday was my birthday and I had such a lovely day, Saturday night me and my close ones headed into town for a drinking sesh, that ended with me getting piggy backed down my road, at 4 in the morning, by my man, with heels in my hand because my feet were too sore from dancing ahaha :)
My boyfriends mum bought me the 50shades trilogy for my birthday and my god am I addicted aha :) I never imagined myself reading something like this hahaha :)
So all in all I had a pretty good birthday, scary that this time next year I’ll be stupidly depressed about not being a teenager anymore! But your not nineteen forever…โค