compassionatedragon asked:

You are aware that not-misha is, in fact, not Misha, right?

Nooo don’t ruin my little dream world! I want not-misha to be Misha. They are so good at it! So intelligent and both twisted/straightforward in their thinking, so kind and compassionate. Maybe, possibly, actually a mite TOO good with the literacy and spelling. Misha is very good too but he usually makes a tiny mistake here and there. Do you seriously know for a fact that not-misha is not Misha?

NOT Misha Collins/NOT Jensen Ackles/NOT Jared Padalecki - Photo Collection Special

Editorial: The Ultimate Dandies 

Magazine: Numero Homme

Shot by: Karl Lagerfeld


Some the photos have been mirrored of course. Could not pin down the second Jensen Picture, yet.