I’m almost 100% positive that this is the front view of this scene:

They were totes holding hands. Yep. Nothing can convince me otherwise. Nothing.

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I just discovered this, and I decided to follow you immediately!! THIS BLOG IS AMAZING AND YOUR WRITING IS PHENOMENAL!!!...oh, may I request a scenario of Makoto taking care of his sick s/o if no one has done so already??

(*´∀`*) Thank you, anon!! This is such an adorable scenario… Makoto is the perfect taking-care-of-when-ill boyfriend, and nothing can convince me otherwise! Hope you enjoy… ~~

Cold season sucked. What sucked even more, though, was getting a cold outside of cold season. That was probably why ____ was so irritated about getting a cold, at this time of year. The middle of summer. Now was supposed to be the time for enjoying the warm weather, sunbathing and splashing about in cool water, but no. Of course not. It was just their luck that they had managed to catch a nasty cold just as the summer break had started.

Grumbling about their misfortune, they had dragged themselves out of bed that morning, stealing the blanket on the bed to wrap around their unusually cold body. Making their way to the kitchen to grab some green tea and medicine, a sudden knock on the door startled them so much that they nearly dropped the mug they were holding at the time. Scowling at the door, they slowly began to make their way over to the door, cursing the person who would interrupt them when they were so ill.

Surprisingly, when the door was opened, the person that stood on the other side wasn’t some door-to-door salesman, but rather their boyfriend, Makoto. He looked confused as to why his beloved had turned up to the door in a sheet and layers of clothing when it was the middle of summer, before taking a good look at their face and gasping.

”____-chan! You don’t look very well…” Moving through the entrance to the house and shutting the door behind him, he took them in his arms, looking into their eyes. “Are you ok? You really shouldn’t be wearing this many layers in summer, you know… You’ll overheat!”

Before his tirade of concerns could continue, his partner twisted suddenly in his arms to face away from him, before covering their face to the best of their ability and releasing a loud sneeze.

"I’m sick, Makoto." they groaned, sniffing as they turned back to him.

"But it’s the middle of summer, ____-chan! Surely you can’t get ill this badly in summer…" They knew he was just concerned, but sometimes his ignorance was a little irritating, and they were in no mood to deal with it today.

"Makoto, if you wanted to go out today, then I can’t. I feel seriously ill right now - I could barely get out of bed, and all I really want right now is to go back to bed with some tea and medicine. So please, if you-" they could barely finish their sentence before Makoto was ushering them back up the stairs in their house.

"Then let me take care of you! I’ve got nothing to do today, and you aren’t well enough to look after yourself, ____-chan… Here, you get back into bed, I’ll get you your tea." With a sweet smile on his face, Makoto was impossible to say no to, especially since his large frame was now blocking the bottom of the stairs.

"Fine, fine…"

A few minutes later, Makoto poked his head around ____’s door, finding them bundled in blankets and duvets, a slight grimace on their face as their body racked with nasty-sounding coughs.

”____-chan… I got some tea. And medicine… I didn’t know what type of cold you have, so I just grabbed everything that looked like it could help.” he gingerly placed himself on the edge of the bed, handing the tea to them and putting the medicine down beside him.

"Thank you Makoto…" sipping at the tea, they sighed and glanced over at him. "Sorry if I was harsh earlier. I was looking forward to being able to go out with you today, this stupid cold has put me in quite a bad mood. But it’s really nice to see you, anyway…" their already flushed face grew slightly more red as they looked down into their tea cup, and Makoto felt his heart race a little at their cute behaviours.

"It’s no problem… ____-chan, I’ll stay here with you all day, I can take care of you… Do you want anything to eat? Or maybe something else to make sure you’re warm… It’s really quite hot in here though…" As Makoto started to list off the various things that he was willing to offer them, ____ just gazed at him, a faint smile on their face. No one could make them feel this good apart from Makoto. His caring, concerned nature came out in full when it came to them, and he was truly willing to do anything to make sure that they were comfortable.

"Oi, Makoto." he paused mid-speech to look at them. "What would really make me feel better right now is for you to get into bed with me…"
As soon as these words were out of their mouth, Makoto grinned, perching on the bed besides his beloved and shuffling over to them, taking their figure into his arms and letting them lean on him.

"You’re really hot, ____-chan…"

"Hmm, thank you."

"Not like that!" he chuckled at their reply, before something occurred to him. 

"What if I get ill, too? Then-"

"Then I’d have to take care of you, and cuddle with you, and make you tea. Makoto-kun, I… I want you to take care of me for now… Promise?"


Okay but I mean imagine

• Sirius wearing leather jackets and ripped skinny jeans and combat boots.

• Remus wearing sweaters and baggy jeans and sneakers.

• Sirius being seen with a cigarette between his lips more often than not and always having a faint stubble on his chin.

• Remus always smelling of soap and scrunching up his nose when either James or Sirius lit up a smoke.

• Sirius practically never studying or handing in homework but somehow always getting top marks on all of his classes. (The asshole)

• Remus probably being the smartest wizard of their year but still working till ungodly hours and always having ink stains somewhere in his persona.

• Sirius listening to The Clash and Pink Floyd and the Sex Pistols and Queen.

• Remus listening to the Beatles and Elton John and Abba.

• Sirius always having his tie undone and at least three buttons of his shirt propped open.

• Remus always having a perfectly made tie and his shirt buttoned all the way up.

• And yet Sirius was the one who always brought Remus flowers and wrote him poems and hummed romantic lyrics in his ear.

• And Remus was the one who slammed him against the corridor’s wall leaving him as a panting, whimpering mess as Remus winked and casually left to Charms.

(Because Sirius thought he was punk rock but he really really wasn’t)


"One of us has got to stay awake, Scully."
"You sleep, Mulder."
"If you get tired, you wake me."
"I’m not gonna get tired."


When Blaine was just out of the hospital after the Sadie Hawkins dance fiasco, as he liked to call it, High School Musical became his happy place. He enjoyed the musical numbers and he’d wiggle his toes and drum along to the beat with his fingers. He would have liked to jump all around his bedroom, but that was out of the question for a while. Blaine also crushed heavily on Troy Bolton, of course. Who wouldn’t? Maybe it was the hair, maybe the blue eyes, maybe the red and white uniform of the Wildcats. So when he came across a cheerleading competition on their local TV station, he was at once smitten with the boy from William McKinley High School. He tried to find out his name on the school website, but to no avail. Blaine also didn’t recognize him when he came to spy on his new glee club at Dalton. He only remembered his Troy Bolton phase and the small crush he had had on the local boy from WMHS, when he came across that very boy’s cheerleading uniform while looking for a shirt in his boyfriend’s closet. When Kurt entered his room mere minutes later, Blaine tackled him and kissed him senseless. When they came up for air, Blaine suggested that they should sing a High School Musical number for their next glee club assignment and that, maybe, Kurt would look amazing in his old uniform for that performance. 

Petition for the Teen Wolf 3b to end with Jackson coming back and hiring a landscaping crew to dig up the fucking Nemeton and burning it to ashes.

It goes something like:

Jackson returns while Derek is out of town and the gang fills him in on what he missed. To drive the point home, they meet Deaton at the Nemeton.

To say Jackson is annoyed is an understatement. Stiles swears his eyes go snakelike, despite the fact that he hasn’t had scales for months. He looks from one idiot to the next, stopping at the alpha idiot now.

"Its a stump. You took me out to the middle of fucking nowhere to show me a stump."

Scott has never looked more confused since the day Jackson accused him of using steroids. “Its a really evil stump.”

"Its a stump. I’ll have my dad’s landscapers dig it up, and we’ll burn your stupid stump. No stump. No beacon," he huffs as he digs out his cell phone to do exactly that.

"You people are idiots."