i’m too lazy to make a full-blown, beautiful, organized follow forever so here is a holiday shout-out to some nice folks!

cool friends: robertdowneyjr commanderogers gaynnibal aintitfuns cavernclubs jaegerette joetroh robert-downey-junior

other great blogs: themountainandtheviper avvsugar pastelgerard lesbianforgerard releasethedoves ierostein ornawentz toddalquist dutchovny foxrnulder dangerways dremorai gangtogether cheerard notgerard trashphobia jephashoward aflockofdoves cuckoosnest

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frickgerard, rcvenge, and notgerard

frickgerard: i’m pretty sure i’ve been following ally since i’ve been a bandom blog. they make some really great edits, too; I can tell that they’ve gotten better and better at them

rcvenge: really awesome theme; very organized. rad blog too; I know I follow and I think they follow me back? And they make really impressive edits and gifs!

notgerard: I can’t believe they’re only 15 they have such a popular blog and some really incredible edits as well! I don’t follow but they have a pretty cool blog

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hi! (i'm notgerard shhh) so anyway my edit has been reposted here: girlsgamesandmusic(.)tumblr(.)com/post/62798568624 >> original post here: /jetblackjune(.)co(.)vu/post/54209450562 and um another two edits here: violett-faid(.)tumblr(.)com/post/62615921787 and the original posts are here: jetblackjune(.)co(.)vu/post/41315031563/x + jetblackjune(.)co(.)vu/post/52492111281

I’m sorry you got reposted. v,v Thank you so much for the links! It’s a huge help! Three posts coming up.


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1. Fav color ? Red, blue, black 

2. Friendship or love ? friendship

3. Your crush ? idk

4. Fav band ? mcr,sws,the used,onerepublic

5. What country do you want to visit ? usa

6. If you could try out any job for a day, what would you like to try ? um i would try to work in a clothes shop 

7. What’s the first thing you notice about people ? eyes and voice

8. What are some things that make you really happy ? um good songs, idk, difficult question lolz

9. Fav song ever ? the ghost of you - mcr

10. What are some of your favorite movies ? “500 days of summer” and “one day” 

11. In what stores do you buy clothes ? too many stores ahaha

12. Have you been to any concert lately ? yes :)


1. Are you popular in school?

2. Have you ever been hurt by your best friend?

3. How many times a day do you look in the mirror?

4. What happens after death, in your opinion?

5.If people hate you, you hate them mutually?

6. Have you ever tried to change the world?

7.How do you feel about smoking?

8.What genre of music do you like the most?

9.How do you feel about gays and lesbians?

10. Do you have mertch of your fav band?

11. Would you like to help poor people?

12. How much money do you spend in a week?