Thailand update✌️This is little Mido, we had so much fun together! Trekking up a mountain to watch the sunrise, singing, hand clapping and a big treasure hunt!😄🎁💎👑

Watching her face light up with a big cheeky smile is indescribable, so much love for this little girl! #notforsalecampaign #worldchanging #followyourbliss

A serious moment brought to you by today's date:

Today is Shine a Light on Slavery Day, a day devoted to increase awareness and (hopefully) action involving human trafficking. Human trafficking is a growing global enterprise driven by deception, coercion, and force. It involves sexual slavery, forced labor, commercial sexual exploitation, or the removal of organs or tissues. The (conservative) estimate is that there are 30 million slaves in our world. Approximately 80% of them are being exploited as sexual slaves. In order to fight against modern day slavery, please take a minute to read about the cause and donate! Or get involved in raising awareness of human trafficking in your community! The links below will get you started

Courtesy of ‘Mericuh:

A quick update from the children’s home in Thailand✌️

Today was one of those days that completely MOVES YOU - 70+ smiling faces, ball games, face painting, chalk drawing and constant cuddles💚#notforsalecampaign

A big thank you for all of your patience with emails🙏Answers will be on there way on the 28th - Orders are still being processed as normal via our team!😊🌻

#followyourbliss #worldchanging #love

#NotForSaleCampaign Alicia didn’t get to have a safe childhood. When we met her, she was recovering from a history of exploitation and in search of a new identity other than “survivor”. Alicia knew she needed a way to support her family without being taken advantage of again.

Because of our supporters, Alicia was empowered to take part in Not For Sale’s U.S. job readiness program this year. Since graduating, Alicia began working for a greeting card company in California where she is having her first professional experience and is looking towards a brighter future.

Not For Sale is aiming to raise $50,000 by December 31st to help reach youth like Alicia around the world in 2015.

Stories like Alicia’s are evidence that the fight against exploitation can be won, but we need your help to do it.


35.8 MILLION Men, Women and children around the world are trapped in modern slavery today, these are shocking number I am not for sale no one should be

slavery it can not continue, lets end slavery for good, check out the sites below to find out what you can do about it,

slavery report

#NotForSaleCampaign “The girls pictured above were working a corner in Oakland, California three weeks ago. Human Trafficking in the United States is different than anywhere else in the world. We know you have questions, we have answers. ​ ​Ask your questions tonight on twitter using #AskVenus at 6pm PST. You’ll get the answers you’ve been waiting for.”