There will always be people in my life that I will reserve a special place in my heart, Cody is definitely one of them. He and I go back during my FIDM days when he was that kid in the classroom that always did 1000000x better than everyone else, and while most people disliked it and may have passed him off as a show off, I personally enjoyed it. I saw Cody as a challenge. And it is because of said challenge that has brought me to the designer that I am today.

I told myself that while I may never be as great as Cody, I looked up to him as a mentor. When he and I became co-workers our friendship grew and my admiration for him as designer also grew, and yes I definitely picked his brain every damn chance I got.

He was my classmate, my co worker, my friend but most of all my mentor.

Many thank you’s will never be enough to give back to how much Cody has contributed to my career, but I will do my very best to uphold his teachings through my design discipline. 

Thank you, Commander. 

Cheers to inspirational people in your life!

I'm also a little done with...

certain things in my life.

If I have to start being a quite little mouse that lives in her room again with headphones on I am like 75% okay with that and 25% fed up with it.

I get a feeling once I feel the opposite I will lose it. 

Banana Republic

He has quite the sense of style when he’s not all dressed like a skater. 

I enjoy it. 

I also enjoy this cardigan. 

I should start buying my clothes from there…


Because you don't know this blog exist.

Can we just, take a moment and pretend that rules don’t exist and the idea of me falling in love is impossible and just let me spew out these feelings without anyone passing judgment? Yes? Okay.

 You, you incredibly talented person with a huge heart, you.

 I do not know, absolutely no clue, what is gravitating me to you. I’m not falling in love with you, I know that for a fact because I promised myself that I wouldn’t let myself do so until I knew that every part of me could back up the statement.

 I do like you though. A lot. And I’m not entirely sure what I’m supposed to do with myself and these feelings. I know I should really just let life take it’s course, but sometimes I want to take it upon myself to show you how much you really mean to me, BUT APPARENTLY, as I have stated countless times in previous posts… it makes me look psycho, which I am not. Or maybe I am? Just kidding, no I’m not. Why am I writing about this again?

I have a waffle I should be eating.

Anyways. I like you, you. A lot.

K. Bye.

Watch on

Every time I hear this song I think about November 2011 when I spent my first weekend in LA and knew right away that I wanted to live there…

No relevance to moving out whatsoever…

But I remember standing in the middle of the city telling myself, “Yea, I’m going to move here…one day”


Post Workout Soreness

I LOVE IT! :) 

Had a great workout last night and my body is all sorts of sore and I’m so happy about it, hehe.

I’ve also been on a salad/cereal diet just because I’ve been eating like a slob the last couple weeks xD I need to not do that again. I’ve also been noticing that my face is beginning to clear up, so I’m pretty stoked about that. 

I’ve also been trying to wake up early, but the crisp comfortable weather isn’t helping -_- I also need to get a thicker blanket… LOL

But anyways, 5 second update ftw! Got lots to do :)