I think everyone needs something that gives them closure. Whether it be video games, drinking, smoking weed, music, money; Anything that steers their mind away from the emotional pain that they’re feeling. Some people find it pretty quickly, but others don’t. The ones who don’t, I think, are the ones that suffer the most. I sure as hell haven’t found mine. I’m faced with all these different directions and I don’t know which way to go. It sucks being lost..
—  6:40pm thoughts

6 out of 9 of the body systems we’re learning in science class currently! I went ahead and printed out all the textbook sections since it would be shut down for a few days due to renovations, which was a good idea since now I can review and take notes to study for the test and final exam!

Only a month left until finals, but I’m determined to raise all my grades to A’s and get the perfect GPA.