Revising alcohols for H2 Chemistry is no fun when you’re doing this on your birthday. Circa 23/02/2014

Once university starts I’ll miss science very much!!! Actually liked doing notes for chemistry sorting out trends and such, drawing diagrams and such because I’m a visual person :-)

10:05 PM - Just finished my daily maths revisions. I am now typing my text analysis in French Poetry, afterwards I will do some German Literature revision and I will finish with some Bio/Physics/Chemistry revisions for my baccalauréat. I can’t believe that I am taking my French & Science Baccalauréat in 38 days…

anonymous asked:

How do you structure your notes or make them pretty or use the colours I'm sorry if this is a weird question lol


I like to break down the notes under headings, I don’t like big blocks of writing because I find them hard to read. 

I like to use highlighters and colourful titles and heading, and sometimes diagrams and pictures too.

Here are some examples!

10:46 PM - en train de retaper ma lecture analytique sur l’Ode à Cassandre de Ronsard.

Je stresse un peu, car il me reste tout de même encore 2 lectures analytiques à retaper, je suis un peu à la traîne… & mon bac de français c’est dans 38 jours ahhhhh….. 

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