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آن-سان في مقابلة مع مؤلف العمالقة اعترف بأن أرمين فتاة! "س: من الأناث في فرقة التدريب 104 من كانت الاكثر تقرباً الى “ميكاسا”؟ ج: أرمين"

Eeeeeh ??!!~

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انتي شايفه نفسك ؟

d: ايه .. بالمراية

^^” معليش .. مافهمت المطلوب بسؤالك

يحتمل عدة أوجه

How to Care for Your BJD

            Topic: Taking care of your BJD

  • Unscented Baby Wipes (For cleaning off surface dust that settles on them, wipe away resin residue)
    • You want to wipe them down a few times a month
    • I normally wipe mine down once a week or once every other week.
    • Jynks, how many times do you wipe your BJD babies down?
    • Remember this is only to wipe off surface dust, also works good for stains (Especially if the dye from the clothes gets on them, and it’s like oh no! But wipes work well, I have found that Huggies Naturals works the best)
  • Tooth Brushes
    • WTF do we need tooth brushes for? They don’t have teeth!
    • Well it’s mainly for wig care, since some wigs require special care, tooth brushes *soft* work well with Moe Wigs (I think I spelled that wrong*
    • Also, when washing you BJD, a tooth brush comes in handy for scrubbing
  • Cleaning
    • Okay so now you will need Dawn Dish Soap >.> weird yes but it’s safe and effective
    • Cleaning your BJD babies in Dawn can help get rid of the stubborn stains, and any leftover resin residue
    • Remember to take apart you BJD Baby.
    • Taking apart you BJD, unstringing all the way up to restringing will be discussed in Part 2 of Taking care of your BJD
    • Once your BJD is clean set them aside and let them dry, time may vary, *trust me you do not want to restring your BJD while still wet*
    • Normally the head, and string is set aside so it doesn’t get wet.
    • You can wash them in the tub, kitchen sink, or in a tuber wear bowl.
    • I highly recommend making sure all drains are plugged, and all vents are covered, if you have the experience me and Jynks had, doll parts can sometimes fly >.> or break (I feel so bad about that)
    • And remember Safety first, for you and your BJD J
  • I think this wraps it up, about Taking care of your BJD
    • Remember to treat you BJD babies with love and care >.> especially since they are so expensive, don’t treat them like porcelain just saying lol.
    • Next, How to unstring and restring your BJD. Peace



*Remember, if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask us. :)

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*لسى ما أستسلمت البنت إلا تقول إللي في خاطرها بعد ما قرأت البوست إللي عن حسان بن ثابت رضي الله عنه* ياخي ما شاء الله أسلوبك قمييل و ما ينمل منه صراحه و جزيتي خيرا >> فيه أشياء أول مره أعرفها *^* المهم ما عليك من الصجة إللي في بوست ناروتو كلما أرسلت رد يختفي الثاني و ما عرفت أمسح الرد الأول😶💔 *ما تعرف للتمبلر كثير* >> أستاهل إللي فتحت عيوني ع التمبلر و بدون نظاره كله عشان أتهرب من المذاكرة 😂😂😂😭💔 خلاص و بس 🙆 >> براااااا

XD ههههههههههههههههههههههههه الله يسعدك هههههههه مت ضحك على الحوسة اللي سوتيها

^3^ بس واللهي حوسة لذيذة

واياك حبيبتي كلك ذوق ^^ ق1

( اذا بدك أكثر .. ادخلي تاق ( ردودي في تغطية مسلسل عمر بالاقلاع