Stiles and dead!Hales

Okay, I’m upgrading my dead!Hales to agree Stiles hallucinated Malia. Summoned her from the water. Whatever. This is from my iPad if the formatting is screwy or there are strange words.

Appeared by Nemeton wearing black jacket while Stiles wearing black jacket with Nemeton rings and black flowing into transforming Scott on shirt. Ghost scene in 1x03 where only dog sees. Remembers fire which report says put out w/ local water. Gives Jackson memory.

Went into coma in shower. Stiles comes looking for. Room cleaned out. Cup and bedpan gone. Wheelchair by wall. Couldn’t even move finger. Bitch died. Appears to Stiles at end of hallway in new clothes.

Died in fire put out w/ groundwater. Wait. No. Was in South America. Looks a lot like Stiles’ mom.

Stiles learns about her. She died in a car crash. Stiles wants to help his dad solve a case. Stiles and Scott don’t find the way to her until Scott’s phone falls in water and remarkably still works — Scott remarks on it — and they are suddenly surrounded in mist. Appears as coyote. Possibly wrong age depending on how time works. Like all Hales, falls in love with Stiles. (Yes, Peter, too, come on, “Code Breaker”.)

All dead. All reanimated by Stiles, who knew about the Hales dying since episode 1 and was the one who knew who Derek was. All taken by water. All inexorably drawn to Stiles.

Lydia was bitten. She actually receives Peter’s memories in the shower, when his burnt arm grabs her.

Hell, Stiles might be dead. He tries coming in Scott’s window, the way ‘monsters’ enter and exit a house, while Scott is washing his face. He enters through the window until he gets to make a key. Scott gets bitten in the rain. Scott becomes a werewolf when he’s in the shower. He jumps out of the window into a puddle of water to fully transform.

No water, but when does the bus driver reanimate? When Stiles comes to the window. Suddenly he’s related to the Hale fire.

And other stuff, like Peter doesn’t remember why he’s trying to kill Scott until he looks into the water and lets it fall on his hand.

So, Dr. Valack. Who were you and when did you die before Stiles decided the door he couldn’t get through was magical and Eichen House gained a new basement? How are you related to the Hales?

Because, say, The Mute was a killer with a mouth on Stiles’ bulletin board Stiles was trying to connect to Derek before he appeared.

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