all i can say is wow

so today in my speech class we were talking about the demographics of the class. one of the categories was geographic uniqueness, she asked who was born and raised in my state and who was born and raised in another state. i ended up chiming in and saying that i was born in colombia, she asked where i grew up and i said the state my school is in (i’m in a different city/town, but same state), and she said something like “well then you’re with the [in state] group.” i got REALLYpissed off at this. no. i’m in my own category. i was born in a different place, but was raised here. I WAS NOTBORN AND RAISED HERE AND DO NOT CATEGORIZE ME AS SUCH!!! PUTTING ME IN THAT CATEGORY TAKES AWAY MY CULTURE AND MY IDENTITY AND MAKES ME FEEL THAT YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT IT! i wish i could say something to her, but i feel she’d just be like, “i know you weren’t born here. it was just for the activity, it doesn’t really matter.” but it does matter. i’m really pissed off, i wanna do something about it, but i know i can’t really do anything.