Issues of a Silvia Driver

My boyfriend drives an S-13!
For those of you who dont know thats a S class sachie from Nissan. My boyfriend calls it the Big Brother of the Nissan Skyline.

Well I totally adore both cars. I adore nice cars in General.

I have even driven my boyfriends s-13.

Here are some of the issues we have discovered about being a Silvia driver.

1. Being too low to reach the ticket fed out from the ticket machine in the underground parking.

2. Heavy clutch.

3. Maintaning it…
Nissan stopped production of it so to fix one you need an old one if its important. Parts are hard to come by.

4. Zipties…

5. Body kit is falling…..

6.  Off due to zipties

Yes 5 & 6 must share a space..

7. Oh is that a ______ being used as your ______?

8. Coppa pulls ya up “i see that engine in ya skyline is incorrect.”
“its a silvia and its a stock engine.”

9. More cops “ive gutta defect ya skyline for_______”
“S-I-L-V-I-A and it is stock!! Its all stock. “

10. “Is that a skyline? My mate has a skyline…”
” S-I-L-V-I-A”

Just some issues that ive come across riding shotgun with my boyfriend.

11. No room in the back…