notafashionbl0g said:

hey I was wondering in what do you do for a living? How can you afford so many concerts? I'm so jealous! Love your blog btw, take care x

lol girl… i work at a clothing store.. i make min wage so im deff broke. idk i guess i can afford a lot of concerts bc what i usually do is work for a couple months straight, stay at home and literally don’t spend any money on anything…NOTHING… so i save as much as i can and then I make plans & spend it all on traveling/concerts. when i want something bad enough i can make it happen. i skip meals to be able to afford concerts haha but thank you :)

notafashionbl0g said:

hello! I saw your Monumentour post, and I was wondering, do you know if they let big cameras in? I have a sony cyber shot dsc h200v and I'm really worried about that, because I don't have anything else at all to take photos with :( if they don't let me in with my camera i'm gonna die

I’m honestly not sure; I think it depends on the venue. I went to one concert where someone couldn’t bring their camera in, and another where someone with the same type of camera could bring it in. I would call the venue and ask. Good luck!