So my brother futurecoolin just copped the game Destiny last week and watching him play i’ve noticed the game looks really cool.

One of the things I really like is the diversity in the game cast as well as the types of characters you can make.

The top image is the Warlock Vanguard- Ikora Rey voiced by Gina Torres btw and the other two are characters he made using their character customization feature. 

Though the customization is a bit limited at the moment it still has some really nice variations of facial features and skin tones which makes it possible to make a character that looks black. I dig that quite a bit. 









Teach Yourself X

Mark Twain allegedly said, “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” Secular homeschoolers love this quote. We wear it on tie-dye t-shirts, print it on mugs, and I don’t think any of us exist who didn’t love saying it to schoolers and basking in their baffled stares (homeschoolers get a lot of baffled stares so we learn early on to enjoy them). 

I went to school for kindergarten, third grade, and freshman year of college so I’m not 100% but I still know a thing or two about teaching yourself, which means never waiting around for the stars to align (a class to be offered, a mentor to take an interest, a goal to be obvious) before pursuing something that interests you. That’s what Mark Twain was saying - to take action, take responsibility, and teach yourself.

Some time-tested techniques:

Do your research.
Look at the people who are already doing what you’re interested in doing. Thanks to the internet, it’s easy to find someone blogging about their process in almost any field you could possibly be interested in. You’ll probably find out how these people got into the field in the first place, what they did in their early career, and what about their work is important to them now.
If you CAN’T find someone who is doing what you want to do, you should ask yourself a couple of questions: are you sure that what you want to do is an actual thing, or are you inventing it? Is it a thing only extremely shy hermits do? Do people maybe call it something else? It’s also possible that the thing you want to do is something that people fall into, or do for a while and leave. That’s hard-mode. Be prepared for a tough time.
The beauty of the research stage is that so much information is available for you to consume without them ever knowing you exist. It lets you get to the next stage, which is:

Try it out.
You’ve probably got questions based on the research you’ve done, but you’ve also got enough information to try things out, to start practicing. Speaking from experience, a good 60%-80% of the questions you have at this stage are things that you can answer yourself by playing around and trying things out. You’ll start to put together a list of questions that you’re not able to answer yourself. 
It’s tempting at this stage to skip to the next step early, but realize that it’s only for emotional reasons: you want someone to tell you you’re going about it the right way, that you’re on the right track. The thing is, though, that if you put in the work you’ll be able to tell when you’re stuck and you’ll get way more out of solving your own problems than was

Find someone who’s doing it, and ask them the questions you can’t answer.
Imagine you’ve only got three questions with this person. You don’t want to ask them a question where their answer is, “just do it.” That’s what the previous step is for — when you start out, you don’t know which of your questions you can answer yourself, but someone more experienced definitely does. Answering “Just do it” is totally unrewarding for the more experienced person, because you so obviously would have known the answer if you’d tried, and nobody feels like their help is actually helping if the person isn’t trying.
A real question is a delight to answer… but most likely the overall answer to your questions is going to be: “work really hard.” 

Work really hard.
There’s no way around it. People say it takes 10,000 hours to get good at something, and from my experience that’s true. Look for smarter ways to work, but be wary of secret shortcuts and cheats — those are crutches. Crutches in real life are for when you’re injured; crutches in your process are for when you’re on a completely insane deadline, not for everyday use. 

Make friends at your level.
It’s tempting to get close to your heroes, but the people who can really help you, and who will be excited to hear what you figure out and share what they figure out, is the people who are at the same stage as you are. Yeah, you’ll be competing with each other, but you’ll also be there as support when something goes wrong. Go through it with a group, before you know it newbies will be asking YOU questions.

Never stop learning. You DON’T need a class to start. You can buy a set of watercolors and play around, or challenge yourself with math problems and google what steps to take to solve them, or just get out there and fail miserably at whatever it is.

You’ll never be worse at X than you are right now. How empowering is that? 

Baby, it’s not your fault that you don’t know what it’s like to shatter.

It’s just that I’m all chipped pieces of stained glass that have been pieced back together one too many times and it’s hard for me to believe that the word “beautiful” doesn’t come with a price.

It’s hard for me to sign on the dotted line without reading the fine print.
But you say there’s no tricks, no secret clauses.
I want to believe so you badly.

But if there’s no catch,
what do I blame when I start falling?

—  If either of us break, I’ll never heal.
The Love Interest Thought Process - Cullen

I be doing another one!  I know that, in all technicality, you can’t full-on romance Cullen in DAO or 2 (*eyeballs Inquisition).  BUT, that don’t mean you can’t fall head-over-heels for the guy, which is exactly what I did eventually.  So this will be a wee bit different from Alistair’s, but only b/c of that one technicality.


  • - “That templar, Cullen, said it was quickest, cleanest Harrowing he’d ever seen!  He says she’s very talented and very brave.”  “Well he would, wouldn’t he?”
  • Wait, what you mean by that?

- “I’ve heard that Cullen is in love with you!”

  • Who the hell is this guy and where is he?!  How do you know these things?!

- *finally finding him and actually talking to him*

  • OH!  Now I recognize him!
  • … Aww, he’s adorable and awkward!  Can I squeeze him? <3

- *Coming back to the Circle after the Fade level and finding him locked up in the glowy prison thing*

  • Oh… oh crap, what happened?  Why’s he so mean?  I didn’t do anything!
  • Who did this to you?!
  • *sigh* Fine, be a jerk.  Whatever.  I miss the old you. T_T

DA 2

- *Enemies Among Us quest*

  • Sorry, did you just say Knight-Captain Cullen?  What… Really?
  • OH MAH GOD it really IS him!  And he’s ROUGH!
  • Ooo damn, is it just me, or did he get cute?
  • Oh great, he’s still on his anti-mage kick… *sigh*

- *talking to him throughout the different parts of the game*

  • Sweetie, I still love you to bits, and I know you went through Hell on earth, but… please stop talking.  Get help.
  • Hold the phone, I can just ask him how life is?  Oh… well shoot, I’ll give it a go.
  • Huh.  Still seems approachable in his own right.  Maybe he’s not totally far-gone.
  • Is it just me, or… is he starting to hesitate a little bit here?  Yea, you know that gut-feeling, sweetie?  Go with it!
  • Good GRIEF he really DID get hotter in this game!  How in the heck did that happen?!
  • Oh no, poor baby, he’s starting to get confused!  Again, sweetie, gut feelings are there for a reason!

- *End-game, siding with the Templars*

  • I’m going in there to make sure Meredith don’t kill EVERYBODY.  Plus, Orsino is kind of stupid and sort of helped that damn serial killer who went after my MOM! 
  • Uh oh, these three really just want out… Aw geez…  Shut up, Meredith, I want Cullen’s opinion!  Come on, you can do it, honey!
  • YAY!  He’s using his brain again!
  • "ENOUGH!  This is NOT what the Order stands for!  Knight Commander, step down!  I relieve you of your command!"  … HE’S BACK, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!  Our boy is back!  *happy flail*  I’m so proud of you, sweetie!

And now that I’ve seen the Inquisition info for thus far… Phew!  He’s really undergone a shift and a half!