I have a question regarding writing, if anyone can please answer.
If two characters are of conflicting nationalities, such as if one character is Japanese and the other is Korean, or one is Puerto Rican and the other is Dominican… Should that ever be addressed in the writing? Would that make the writing more believable and relatable? Or is that too sensitive a topic to touch?

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sorry I don't know what you ship, but - if you fancy it - how about something UNIT era for 10. high school au.

(I love how I can interpret the ship in question to be all of UNIT.)

(I used the Doctor’s and the Master’s Academy-era nicknames; it felt appropriate.)

It was the first day of school.

Theta plonked himself down on the wooden bench opposite Jo, who was frowning at her lunch.

“You look the same way I feel,” Jo said.

Theta sighed. “You first.” He started taking out his lunch from his bag.

“Well, remember the cheerleader I told you about?”


“Yes. Well, I just found out she’s in my physics class. And at first I was excited, because maybe I can introduce myself to her, and we can be friends! But the more I thought about it, the more I realised she might not like me. I hear she’s very smart.”

“Oh, Jo. Of course she’ll like you! I’m very smart, and I like you!”

Jo laughed. “Yeah, but you’re not cool.”

Theta scoffed at her.

She chuckled. “Okay, your turn.”

“There’s a new student. His name is Koschei. He’s been here one day, and he’s already made friends with that gang of troublemakers. I probably shouldn’t be surprised. He’s already got the all-black dress code down pat.”

“Black hoody, black skinny jeans?”

“Yes, exactly, that abhorrent ensemble.”

“Says the person wearing velvet.”

“I’m going to ignore that.”

“Well, why does he bother you?”

“I don’t know… I just don’t like troublemakers.”

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what day/time/stage are you and liz performing at for cma fest?

June 12th @ 12:25 at the Chevy Roadhouse Stage!!!

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I feel like you and liz are the type of friends that write blurbs with intentions to make it the hardest you can to be bearable for each other and you cry to each other about luke and calum and she tags you in posts she want for you to see and you tag her in posts you want her to see and also you met in real life and it's just such a goaling friendship


i want you all to know that i’ve come full circle. today I started petting the dog and called him a ‘good liz-liz’.

“Did you just call Tesla a lizard?”

“… i… guess i did…”

random aura fluff day part 2

pirateswaan: shelly is nice and so cool I love following her

swans-and-scoundrels: ally is such a nice person and is awesome

kevinmckidd: I love following Jordan she’s so cool and very funny

swanjones: noe is a good person and she is very sweet

joneswans: is so funny I adore following her

i-love-you-swan: Kim is so nice and caring

potentialheartofdarkness: super cool and funny

lieutenantsmoak: very nice person

itsyouemmaswan: kirsten is so nice and funny her stuff is amazing

inhislight: talent is out of this world and seems very nice

i-know-how-you-kiss: Liz is so funny and her love for Chris Evans is my fave thing

theyaretimeless: so cool and kind

thejeweloftherealm: makes pretty gifsets

the-lady-swan: Carrie is super kind and makes amazing post

fuckodonoghue: Michelle is so chill and cool

fawnhemmings: such a sweetheart and good friend

lovestruckswan: Mary is so nice and has the patience of a saint

Song challenge thingy

I was tagged by pipperthesnipper
So your music can tell alot about you, so just press shuffle and put down the first ten songs that come up
Bromance- Chester See and Ryan Higa (I had a phase oke? Im still in said phase)
Ride- twenty one pilots
From East to West- Dave Days
Deer in the Headlights- Owl City
Plant Life- Owl City
Pictures- Emma Blackery
Worlds Gonna End- Megan and Liz
How You Get the Girl- Taylor Swift
Explosions- Ellie Goulding
The New Year- Death Cab for Cutie
I tag anyone who wants to do it since Im too lazy to tag people

title: Mine Now

author: aclosetlarryshipper

word count: 32k

After Harry is expelled from private school, he joins a secret competition to get back at the boy who made it happen.


This is the story of how Harry finds himself pouting in Louis’ passenger seat with a raging boner on the way to seduce his ex boyfriend.

4/4 - Things you would frequently hear if you were dating them


“Play video games with me?”

“Wow, you really suck at this game.”

“Babe I’m horny… babe?… babe?… baaaabe?”

“I want a kitten…… no not me, like, an actual kitten.”

“I don’t have a bald spot, leave me alone!”


“If you boop my nose one more time…”

“Y/N, Michael’s being mean to me!”

“Where’s my shir- oh, you’re wearing it, never mind.”

“Yeah, maybe I will tell Liz.”

“You so pwetty.”


“Babe can we get a dog?”

“But I am Beyoncé.”

“You know what they say about bassists… ?”

“Baaaabe, come cuddle meeeee!”

“Are… are they my jeans?”


“How many times do I have to tell you? I don’t like being called that!”

“Shut up, I don’t giggle!”

“Look how giant my hands are.”

“Oh that happened to me once when I worked at KFC… ”

“Heyyyy, how would you like it if I made fun of your accent?”