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anonymous asked:

I'm doing fine for the most part but every couple days I'll get set off and have a total breakdown right when I go to bed. Is this normal? Any way around it?

As much as you probably don’t want to hear it-

to me that doesn’t sound like fine.

it sounds like ‘I have (very possibly subconsciously) distanced myself from the situation and every few days it becomes too overwhelming to distance myself anymore.’

which believe me, is a place I’ve been in so many times.

My best advice is this:

1. Start checking in with yourself regularly. start out doing it every couple of hours and see if you can work it up to every hour.

and honestly check in. if you’re anything like me- your first response is going to be ‘ I’m fine.’

I found it helped to have leading questions. Was I hungry? Was I tired? Was I sad? Was I agitated? Was I lonely?

and learning to deal with those emotions in small doses. things like

2. Writing or listening to spoken word, or ranting, or reaching out to a friend. 

3. Validate the feeling. don’t ‘try to get over it’ don’t ‘try to get around it’.

Validate it. Even if it’s a bad feeling. You’re allowed to have ‘bad’ feelings.  The idea is to work with them when they’re smaller so that you don’t have a break down. 

4. Figure out if there’s something you need in your life- that you aren’t getting. Sometimes we really are fine- it’s just that there’s this one thing….. and it just kind of eats at us.

and it may be that you need validation/someone to talk to about survivor things.

it may be that you need more social connection period.

or more __________.

sometimes it can help to see what it is that’s causing us pain and if it’s a lack of something- seeing if we can figure out if we can get more of it on a regular basis.

anonymous asked:

Wait. i was reading through so many theories and stuff lately then I came across something about Ziam being married???? I have never heard of this or even their ship being romantic.

Oh my, well welcome to the entrance of Rabbit Hole #2!  The best place to start, I always say, is with I Like Your Skirt Mary’s videos, and twistericecream’s tags. It might take some time, but if you see that stuff, you’ll at least know where everyone’s coming from, if not believe in it.  

As for Ziam being married, that’s a headcanon, just as it is for Larry.  I personally think both couples are engaged but not married, but none of us are going to know for sure.  I think the Ziam being engaged/married speculation is explained in one of the videos too.

Personally, I don’t see a ton of chemistry between Zayn and Liam (or Liam and anyone tbh).  That’s me and my idea of what chemistry is.  Other people see tons of chemistry, but I don’t.  The reason I believe in Ziam is because I’ve been shown enough information that I think the only logical and likely explanation is that they’re in a committed relationship.  The first thing I saw was how Liam gets upset every time Zayn has to talk about Perrie in an interview, then it kind of went from there…

All Caleb Best wanted to do was try out his new lens, a Canon 24 mm f/2.8 pancake lens.

But that ended up getting his Canon 60D camera confiscated by Massachusetts cops where they still refuse to return it, insisting that they need to show his photos to the United States Coast Guard as well as the local power plant, which he had been photographing.

Salem police also confiscated his friend’s camera, a Canon Rebel, on the same premises last week after the two 21-year-old men had inadvertently trespassed on private property to take some photos along the beach.

Now, more than a week after the cameras were seized, police are not making a very strong effort to return the cameras, even though they have no legal right to maintain possession of the items in the first place.

It all started Monday of last week, March 23, when Best and his buddy were driving along the coastline when they spotted a bridge next to a power plant, which they thought would make a nice photo.

They pulled over and made their to the beach to take photos along the water before heading back to their car.

“On the way back, a man told us we were on private property,” Best explained in a telephone interview with Photography is Not a Crime Tuesday. “We said we were sorry and kept walking.”

By the time they got to the car, several Salem police officers had shown up, inquiring what they had been doing on the property.

When Best told them they were taking photos, the cops insisted on seeing the photos. The two men then handed over their cameras to show the officers.

“I wanted to cooperate so we wouldn’t get arrested for trespassing,” he said.

But then the cops told them they were confiscating the cameras to give officials at the National Grid power plant an opportunity to view the photos.

“I offered to give them my memory card if they would allow me to have my camera, but he said no,” Best said.

The officers told them to call the police station the following day to retrieve their cameras, but when they did, they were told to call the following week because now the Coast Guard wanted to view the images.

By then, Best began to get frustrated, posting his story on Reddit, which is how he ended contacting PINAC.

When Best called Salem police yesterday, Tuesday, March 30, he was told he needed to speak to the officer handling the case who is off until Thursday.

That officer is Max Zirin, who can be reached at or 978-744-0171, ex. 302.

The Swing | Fabrevans
  • TAGGED → Sam Evans and Quinn Fabray
  • LOCATION → An abandoned field
  • TIMEFRAME → April 1, 2015
  • DESCRIPTION →  Missing home and her old friends one morning, Quinn decided to pack a bag and go on a road trip back to her hometown. While on her way into town, she stopped by one of her favorite places in Lima, Ohio and ran into an old friend.

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“I’m in love with my best friend and I didn’t realize I was until I started dating someone else, so I’m stuck in a bad place because I really don’t want to hurt anyone.”
( aries confession )

anonymous asked:

Hi, sorry to bother you, but lately I've been having really intense deja vu. Like I'll be going about my day and suddenly I'll feel like I'm in a different place/time from my past, and I'll feel like I'm remembering something important but I don't know what. It's not scary, just really distracting and it happens multiple times a day. Also I'll get so lost in thought that I can't pay attention to anything, like the real world is in the background of my mind. What could this be? Disassociation?

hey anon, 

that certainly sounds like a form of dissociation to me. my best advice to you is that if you feel like it’s getting worser and starts getting more and more concerning to you, that you should seek out medical attention. since it’s happening several times a day you might want to look into getting a therapist! 

Dissociative Disorders & Dissociation


Getting & talking to a therapist

stay safe, 


anonymous asked:

assalamulalaikum, what is salafiyah?

Salafiyah is a methodology in islam in which the practices and beliefs are orthodox. Its not a sect in islam nor is it a group or a cult with its own teachings, rather salafis are synonymous wtih ahlus sunnah wal jama’ah and ashabul hadeeth. The main core is to follow islam in its original form as practiced by the best generations that existed after islam (the first three generations from the companions to the early scholars). There is a lot of emphasis placed upon the creed in salafiyah as nothing is more fundamental than establishing the core basics of the deen.

My 8am explainations are obviously going to be lacking and insufficient so i sincerely do advise you to read into this further.
Here is a good link to get started in sha Allah:

Tag 10 people you want to get to know better!

Name: Emily

Time and Date of exact moment: March 31 2015 7:53 pm
Average hours of sleep: 8-12 hours (meds lol)

Last thing I googled: how to make a sigil 
Nickname: Em, M

Gender: Genderfluid
Sexual Orientation: 

Height: 5’4”

Favorite Color: blaaack
One place that makes you happy: redwood forests
What you are wearing: sweatpants and a black shirt and a black sweater
Last book you read: i can’t remember the last book i read cover to cover but i’m about to start reading Enrique’s Journey: The Story of a Boy’s Dangerous Odyssey to Reunite With His Mother

I tag: rhink-happy koalizama puking-cereal arel-rhink puppymant ladycynthiana mythical-best invalluable mythicallove and tbh everyone else just pls talk to me i love all of you

anonymous asked:

(hs anon here) How did you learn how to animate? Through college or on your own or what?

I learned at school, BYU!  But the important thing is to motivate yourself.  Find stories you’re passionate about, even if they aren’t assignments. The Wicked project was something I did to make up for the fact I’m not taking any art this semester.  

The best way to get started is fill up a sketchbook. Not just one drawing a page either, fill up all the space! And not things strictly from your imagination. Draw from observation! Draw the people sitting around you, go to a zoo or museum to study animals. Your sketchbook is the place to make mistakes or be sloppy—it’s where you practice.

Send me art anytime—I’d love to give you feedback!

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anonymous asked:

Sorry for the personal question but how do you help Ed with the self harm and eating disorder and other psychological issues he has?

Communication generally - but that was a major hurdle to get set up and started

I think once Ed realised he could talk to me and tell me things that would equally help both myself and him (me because I would be aware what’s going on and him because it would help him to let it out) then we were both able to find more potential preventative measures to be put into place and come up with action plans on how things were to be handled - I asked Ed how he’d want me to treat him during these different periods, and he told me - I still do my best to stick to those responses

It’s still something we constantly work on - he won’t tell me when he’s hearing voices for example - I think he’s a little embarrassed or feels some other negative feeling about opening up about it to me - but it’s not something I’ve gotten to the base of yet

Every day we ask - how are you? How’s your day been? General questions

I think we get a feel for each other when we check in with one another - I get to monitor and pick up on Ed’s behaviours and can tell when he’s about to plummet

We’ve began to recognise those symptoms together and plan for the worsening - for example, this time around Ed started asking about how he’d know he’d have cancer or some other terminal illness - ed has never asked that before and something that stuck out to me as quite odd. He followed that with a few nights of little sleep (an instant red flag for me) and him dazing off - not being able to pay attention and getting prickly with his responses. Slowly he started asking if I’d come home throughout my shifts and then got too frightened to leave the house (he stopped going into work). After that, he believed that he was going to die and got into a right old panic about it.

He’s been quite bad on this slide and I’m still attempting to keep him afloat, but I just try my best to talk to rationalise and to ask what would make him feel better

Another marker I’ve noticed is food - what are his trigger foods? Are there portion sizes or places that set him off? Yes to all of those questions and now I’m aware of when Ed is likely to purge or go through a starving period - I intervene by taking away food (yes, taking it away) before he feels “too full” and isolate his fluid intake during meals (more water = more bloated, more likely to feel full which means more likely to hate on self, easier to force vomit) but I can usually sense when a bad day is coming - he’s a little quieter, more withdrawn

The psychosis and self harm goes back to assuring him that I am there that he is here and that whatever he’s seeing or hearing is not a reflection of things going on and to encourage him to ask and talk to me whenever the bad thoughts/voices/urges get into his mind

If Ed does self harm I offer to dress it and clean him up - I take care of the wound as it’s healing as Ed may not be well enough to do this himself - seeing it dressed twice a day also serves a reminder that it’s still there and it still hurts and that he should not have to do this again at least for a little while (and of course hopefully a lot longer)

It can be quite exhausting but after years of it, I’m slowly getting the hang of it

I hope if this was a particularly personal question to you that I’ve answered it well enough for you to find something useful in it



One Piece 30 Day Challenge

Day 10: Favorite Filler: Episode 384 - "Brook’s Hard Struggle - The Difficult Path of Becoming a True Comrade?" 

(you already true nakama Brook)

anonymous asked:

i found this blog a week ago and it's wonderful! following on from the last ask, i'd love to hear you talk a little on the intersection between monstrosity and divinity and any cool theorizing thereof...

i could literally talk about this all day—about how gods and monsters move at the phantasmal boundaries of the human, at the limits of what we can bear to see and know and understand.

it’s often said that Latin monstrum means “sign” (ancient Greek τέρας, monster, also means marvel, wonder, divine sign, omen), and both God and monster are bound up with the idea of showing, unveiling and revelation, that which can’t be fully shown. (the idea of apophasis, of things so overwhelming that they can be described only in terms of what they’re not, often occurs in how we talk about gods and monsters.) if they could be seen entire by human eyes they’d cease to be divine/monstrous. religion speaks of hierophany, the epiphany of the holy, the moment when a god shows themselves (the “holy terror” described by St. John Chrysostom, as when the prophet Isiah beholds the throne of God), and there’s an equivalent in every monster-story, when light falls slantwise on the dreadful creature enough to illuminate it a little, and your fear has a shape, and unholy eyes gazing back into you. 

in human imagination God and monster are excess: God is the divine excess of capability and love and order; monsters are the profane excess of horror and chaos and uncertainty. Rudolf Otto writes of the holy as numinous—that we experience God as mysterium tremendum et fascinans, a mystery before which we tremble and marvel, afraid and desiring. sometimes it’s like a gentle tide of silent and worshipful calm; sometimes sudden violent convulsions of the soul, a frenzy with wild and demonic forms. horror and shuddering. 

monsters are an ontological riddle, they ask terrible questions: if all things come from God, is God the creator of evil and chaos, as well as good and order? (c.f. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, which asks who is more monstrous—the creature who endures the world, or the creator that formed them and put them there?) are some creatures cursed to live as abominations in the natural order, and forbidden redemption? (should we pity them?) monsters might be the shape of divine judgement, beautiful and awful—or a sign that there’s no divine plan steering creation at all. often, unexpectedly, monsters are a revelation or sign of God. (what is an angel?)

and the idea of God disorientates us because we associate the Good with self-identity and sameness, and Evil with exterior and alien and invasion; God is radically Other (sometimes pure presence; sometimes the dark of the abyss). God is ineffable, sometimes in an aspect that seems monstrous: there’s the ὀργὴ θεοῦ, wrath of Yahweh, in the Old Testament—God the destroyer, who sends plague and flood and fire—analogous to an idea in many religions of ira deorum, the wrath of gods, before which humans can only cower and wonder. and yet humans dream gods and monsters in our own image; they belong to us, and we to them, our rational and irrational fear and want reflected and refracted over and over. gods are undying, and monsters are undead—they always return to us, in different shapes. 

it goes back to the idea in Hebrews 13:2, that we should not forget to entertain strangers, for by doing so some have unwittingly entertained angels. the strange and disquieting thing that comes might be god or monster, or both; you don’t know until your door is already open, and you’ve dared to look. 


Kingdom of Twilight — Illustration by Finni Chang

"The Princess of Lalune was said to have been lost on the battlefield in a war against the kingdom of Solair, and tales of her steadfast courage and mastery in dual swordplay spread quickly. Unbeknownst to her faction, she fell in love with a beautiful member of Solair royalty the first time they crossed swords, and continues to roam the lands in search of a way to confess her forbidden feelings."

Process GIF:


The living legend. 


ADVENT CALENDAR MEME (2013 EDITION): Day 09 - colinschest