I need your help to win a scholarship for university!!

you all know who i am and some of you respect me, I think. but if you do know me, you know i am an American who is about to finish secondary school and go on to university and y’all know american education is EXPENSIVE. i definitely need your help with this contest so i don’t wind up in debt!

this contest is called Kid! You’ll Move Mountains and its a scholarship competition for $10,000 which i REALLY need or otherwise I will not be able to attend university in my favorite city of texas. this competition is meant for students who work towards change in a sector (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) and my entry is in the Science category, which i’ll talk about later

i plan to major in International Relations and Global Studies with an emphasis in science, technology, and the environment with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies because i definitely plan to become the next kurdish politician to actually be the one to remediate the entire Middle East. and if you follow this blog, you should care about the Middle East too.

one of the things i care a lot about is the environment and food safety/security and tackling obesity in this country because it affects so many lives and these monocultures (which are farms planting the same crop that’s been genetically altered thousands of times) are not good for our health or our environment. I have taken the initiative with the help of my environmental science teacher to help my peers and children across the city to learn about how a plant grows and how it changes into the food we eat. i regularly go visit several elementary schools to help them with their gardens and planting them and taking care of them, etc. which is more of a social issue but this concerns the world so it’s a science!!

the university I want to go to has a dorm price of 10,000$ or more and this money could REALLY help me out with that.

so if you could be a doll and VOTE for me to win/become a semi finalist.

first thing: please excuse the selfie i took it about 10 minutes before this was due. please go to THIS WEBSITE, create an account (you could use a 10 minute email account for this) and VOTE FOR ME by searching my name “Kany” in the search bar at the bottom of the website!!!!!!!!! I will love y’all to the end of time. PLEASE HELP ME

ssbmfreak36 asked:

I'm completely with you on this tbh. I still think Greninja should be banned because of the sheer unpredictability and without any prior info it's impossible to wall effectively(Mind you, I'm a huge fan of Greninja and absolutely love its design and competitive use). But back on topic, I think the reason they chose Giratina-O instead of Aegislash is because of the fact that Aegislash forces infinite 50/50 scenarios without Taunt. I didn't think Keldeo was that much of (cont in next ask)

“(your piece continued) much of an issue, simply because Latias/Latios hard walls the SHIT out of it, even with Icy Wind(it’s a 3HKO I think?).  Of note, the Landorus you’re talking about is Lando-I yeah?  As much as Lando-T is used, I don’t think it’s “Broken”.  It’s a case of being REALLY good, but relatively easily dealt with(Mega Lopunny beats most variants 1v1).  But yes, you’re absolutely right.  They’re picking favorites and it’s stupid.  The system is a necessary evil, but that doesn’t mean I won’t poke at it.“

So, first off, I’d like to welcome you and all my other new followers to the blog.  I do a thing sometimes where someone sends me a question that should be really quick and easy to answer, and then spent 3 hours rambling out a response.  This is going to be one of those times.  The worst part is, on reflection, I’m not sure it even addresses the things you were talking about, but I feel like many of these new followers are here because of the Giratina-O shenanigans and are wondering where I’m coming from.  So I’d like to take a moment (read: hour) to talk about my stance on the ban process.  I apologize to the entire world in advance, because I keep doing this and I should probably stop.

Though to answer your points: Greninja was hard to predict but not that bad, though I didn’t care about his removal; I know Aegislash was scary but Giratina-O is scarier for way worse reasons and I guess we don’t have a problem with that; and yes I was talking about Lando-I.  

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i may put up selfies for trans visibility day but some of my friends irl follow me and i dont want them to say a single word about it to me

one of them in particular is prone to irritate me rl quick

so as i said i may put up selfies and out it in the tag but for now i just want 2 let you guys know that im genderfluid, but most of the time pronouns are they/them or she/her n >n

sometimes i feel like i may not belong in the trans community, because all the stories i ever hear are about emotional struggle and pain. when i realized i didnt want to be confined to one gender it was a great realization, and it made me really happy.

but then i realized its not a competition??? some trans people struggle, and some dont, and so i shouldnt compare myself to anyone and decide that because i found it easy to transition doesnt mean im any less trans. but the same goes to those who are struggling with pronouns or money they dont have to get surgeries done. ya’ll arent any less trans either, and i love you.

so with that im finally done, and happy trans visibility day bebs


            “Why are they competing to see who can bathe the fastest?”


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