Thorium Powered Car

Get behind the wheel of this futuristic thorium powered car and you’ll be able to drive to the ends of the earth – and back – without ever having to refuel! Thanks to the magical power of science this nuclear powered car can go on for decades without ever having to “gas up”.

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Yeah I really don't appreciate it when someone insults the Book that I place and base my very life upon.

Seriously. Insulting the Bible and/or twisting Its Words to make it conform to your opinion is disrespectful. It’s the Word of God, the very thing that gives me life, so yes, when you insult The Book or God, it’s also disrespecting me. I don’t want to offend anyone, I’m just saying that I’ve been offended. Love to you all.

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hey beautiful! i was wondering, did you stop writing the fake dating au or its just an hiatus? (btw that kiss was fucking hot)

i mean…neither? i feel like hiatus is too strong a word. im not consciously taking a break from writing it, its just i dont have the time to right now. finals are getting hectic and ive got lots of other stuff im working on and nothing really has priority besides my schoolwork, so im just. letting it happen. whenever ive got the time to write, ill write.

OKAY but about ravi having males and females on leashes like … imagine that was his way of coming out like he couldn’t do it directly but he sure as hell could do it subtly, all for the sake of performance, that’s what people would take it for?? just a performance but what if ravi’s like listen this is me i want to dominate over both males and females i want both males and females like

what a way to burst outta the closet

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Oh god I'm so glad you answered me x) I'm the anon with the "Natsu in dress" headcanon. And like, in my dream, the second day after he entered the guild, he was in a cute little dress like "what's wrong ?" and Gray's mind just can't stand something that funny and Erza had to caring Gray while explain Natsu what was wrong and he wasn't able to understand like "but I like dress why can't I wear one?" and... That were a huge story about that and idk I just feel like I should tell you xD


Sherlock Homes and the Case of Why the Fuck Are There Two Packs of Gum Missing When Logan Only Ever Took One Out

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the most recently written two sentences of my current project

“Do you trust me?”

“Of course, I do. What is this about, why are you so worked up?”

“I’m about to do something, and you can’t ask why. You just have to follow my lead.”

“Trina,” he starts to protest, but the fear in her eyes (and something else he doesn’t quite understand, like she suddenly isn’t the same person) stops him, and he nods, agrees to whatever request she could possibly make. He trusts her after all. She’s become one of his closest friend in such a short time. Whatever she wants can’t be that bad.

It is.

She steps closer, breathes in (they’re standing chest to chest and Robin is suddenly very aware of every inch of her body that is in contact with his. It’s not an unwelcome sensation, quite the contrary, but it’s highly distracting when she appears so frightened by something he doesn’t see nor understand, no matter how many times he glances around the room), whispers — orders, “Kiss me,” and his eyes go wide.

WHAT?! Robin wants to yell, but he doesn’t have time because after one furtive, panicked flick of her eyes to the right, she grasps the collar of his shirt and yanks him to her, covering her body with his as she leans back against the bar.

The kiss is frantic, nervous, not at all like her usually composed self, and he wants to pull back, to look in her eyes, to understand, but she senses his hesitation, pulls back long enough to murmur a desperate, “Trust me,” against his lips before diving back in, and it’s all Robin needs to wrap his arms around her and press her against the counter, eyes fluttering close as he follows her lead, plunges in after her.

writing meme

this one dude who always sits in this area of the library, i think, is sitting in his traditional spot, which is near the spot i have Chosen the last few days, this is a test of endurance. Who Will Win (its me) 

i realize that its not like, a competition, and also that i do not own all of the huge tables in 1 ½ east and 1 east at the library but also: why is anyoen down here at nine in the morning on a friday. i mean i am because i have made a series of poor life choices, but, why is anyone else.