Oh also I officially became a freelance editor today. I got a part-time job editing for a small news blog. I’m freelancing. How insane is that? It sounds so official.

Meanwhile not-so-official Sam is derping around freaking out about meeting Billie Piper and editing A Place For Us To Dream.

My life is insane sometimes.

What if...

Dean had cooperated in trying to save himself with Sam? What if he had been on board with translating the Book of the Damned because he knows that he needs to be cured? Trying to just live with it doesn’t and won’t work. He knows that, and he’s offered no solution to his predicament.

He’s blaming Sam for Charlie’s death, but maybe if they’d all been working as a team, she’d still be alive. This isn’t hate. (I blame the writers.) But given what we got, Dean’s go it alone attitude is as much to blame for how things went down as Sam. And the fact is, still, that Charlie is the only one to blame for her actions – except the writers, obviously, they are ultimately responsible for her OOC behavior and stupid plotline.


Part 5 of A Tale of Two Rulers! (aka, my random zelgan headcanon)

For those that are new, here are the links to the previous comics! :)







Oh, Child, we are so very much the same kinda derps. X3

So yeah, I had intended for this comic and #4 to be all in one post, but that got much, much too long, so I split it up! This new character (cough, Link, COUGH) will be explained in more detail in about two weeks, so I don’t want to say too much more about it now. >w< (even though I’m dying to!)

Anyway!!! Let’s get to this week’s question for you guys!!! (I like to check and see if you guys are psychic, and according to last weeks question, a couple of you are.)

Do you think that Ganondorf will actually take Zelda up on her offer? What kind of relationship do you see them having if he does or doesn’t?

Quick reminder that this is just for fun and I love both silly or serious ideas.  Just like before, I’ll post a few on my page and respond to all that I can. (And again, if you send me a note as an anon, I can’t respond privately, so just keep in mind that, that limits my options as far as a response goes.) :)

I’ve been so happy with the support you all have been giving my blog. It means the world to me. Seriously. I was at a pretty low point before this got started. I was getting bored and unsatisfied with drawing, but you guys have reignited my love of doing it again. Seeing all your kind, funny, and supportive tags and notes really has been amazing. I can’t thank you all enough. TwT


*note! we have tepidtwisted to thank for that flower crown! She suggested that the kid would always be close to nature and so that’s what it lead to! X3 Thanks so much tepidtwisted!