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❈ If you are wondering about the reason “ why are you doing that ? ” okay , it’s simply cuz in my inbox there’s a lot of asks about okikagu things , so yeaah , dozo !

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i checked the blue night audio tag but it's not updated ;; could you make a list of all the original songs jonghyun has played on blue night?? i want to make sure i'm not missing out on any ;;

i have all his original compositions from the show in this tag actually, or all that have been released since i opened the blog in october. so: “산하엽 (skeleton flower)”, “내일쯤 (around tomorrow)”, "종현 - 하루의 끝 (the end of the day)“ and ”happy birthday“ are in there. they can also be found in the compositions tag but that would’ve taken a bit more digging because i tag anything in relation to jonghyun’s compositions with that specific tag. (his compositions for the show, other compositions, original lyrics, him talking about his composition / writing process, ect.) the songs that i’m missing in the tag are: “u&i”, “미안해 (i’m sorry)”, “like you” and the three logo songs. (just click on the titles and they’ll direct you to uploads of each song on youtube!)

Day One

Today marks my first day of the ketosis diet.  It’s going to be difficult: I’m a college student living in the dorms. However, I’m very excited! I’ll be posting what I eat each day and will update you all on my journey as often as possible.  I’ll also post any recipes, tips and anything else I come across related to keto.

My stats:

Height: 5′7″
Body Fat: 32%
Waist: 38″     Hips: 42″     Neck: 15″     Thighs: 25″     Arms: 17″

This is me:

My macros:

1654 Daily Calorie Intake:
30 g Carbs: 7%     82 g Protein: 20%     134 g Fat: 73%

What I ate today:

Check back in tomorrow for another update!

Updated my bio and deleted all of my diagnoses apart from AN and depression (the things I struggle with right now). I am more than my diagnoses which I do not even fit any more. Feel free to ask me about anything related to OCD, self harm, social anxiety and BPD though!

hiatus until april 22! (GMT +8)

hey guys. i was supposed to tell you guys yesterday, but i was feeling pretty shitty, but whatever. i’m here rn. 

tomorrow i will be going to korea, so it’ll be hard to stay on! i don’t even know if i’ll be able to access wifi. but i’ll post some personal updates if ever. if you don’t wanna see them on your dash, black list the tag ‘sofi travels’

if you see any other posts aside from personal ones, it is my queue. 

while i’m gone, i’ll also be accepting art requests, so you can send in to me or my art blog, pomochicho, and those asks will be answered when i get back! i’m willing to draw anything mostly related to steven universe, gravity falls, and cartoons in general tbh. no nsfw. 

anyway, thank you for taking the time to read!! see you soon!!

tired but glad..

hi guys!!! I know it’s been a while but yea.. so here’s a little update!

first, i got a job as a remittance teller in a bank, nothing related to my course or anything but it was a pretty good experience. However, it leaves me feeling tired and almost life-less everyday. I work 6 days a week, 8 hours aday and on Sundays we work full shift which is a 12 hours shift…

so today i had another MMI interview.. it went okay. There were a lot of country related questions.

If I counted from the start, today’s interview will be my… 5th interview and i haven’t receive any offer…

  So that brings me to the purpose of today’s update post…

i’m tired and hopeless.. i feel like crap and rejected every time.. but I try to make myself believe everything will eventually fall into place. Just gotta try to be positive and stay alert.





Just an update guyys, I wont be updating very regular because im currently not watching any shows. But if you have anything wuxia related that you just want to share, I’ll be more than happy to listen!!

It hit me suddenly on the 1st rainy night in Saigon.

Comfort of all these days became illusion, so i spent a white night on the rooftop of the building we’re living in. same block but never show up.

After blocking every single person related to you that i thought whom might update anything that possibly hurt me to see your happiness, i finally found it was easier to run away and hide from things rather than face to them. But I guess I was wrong, again, as usual.

Isolation sounds like a good idea in theory but a bad experience in real. 

I know, what we had was not even close-up to any kind of relationship or affair. and certainly I have no idea how long or how much pain it would take for you to get over your last relationship. I just do believe that you struggled like i do now.

I also realized how much trouble i caused for both of us and people around. But for the best, I sincerely hope that if you can read these lines, do not ever be nice to each other. I’ve tried and denied that sad fact. Because the truth is, whenever we communicated as normal people - as old friends, I considered it as lies. 

The obsession grew so big that even I could manage myself to behave but voices of anger in my mind just want to smile and tell you “you have no idea how much it hurts just by seeing your face. even your existence around causes me pain. For once in life, i wish nothing happened between us. And for long time from now, the remember of you will always be the exquisite hurtful scar in my brain which never would disappear.

7+ Months and still dealing with ongoing issues

Sunday 12 April 2015

I am writing this piece from the Haematology ward of the RAH hospital where I was admitted last Thursday. I presented to the Emergency Department early on Thursday morning after a severe overnight gastro episode and was admitted several hours later.  Today is the first time I’ve felt well enough to do much other than lie in bed.  In the last week several friends/colleagues have been in contact and have been concerned as to the reasons why it’s been over two months since the last update.  I was able to assure them that although I am still dealing with a number post-transplant health issues the reason was more related to not feeling like I had anything of significance to share rather than any major setbacks.

It’s probably fair to say that the last 3-4 months have been the most difficult of the whole experience. Difficult for me personally and particularly difficult for my family.  The difficulties stemming from the slow recovery and re-occurring issues for which definitive causes and solutions appear allusive.  The extreme fatigue is still ever present.  There are periods were I have more energy and am able to do a little more, however these are punctuated by phased were just getting through the day is a challenge.  Periodic re-occurring gastro bouts (which seem to be linked to a sensitivity to specific oily foods) compound the fatigue and set back the recovery (due to the toll taken by the bout and effect on nutritional intake).

In mid-February severe dehydration from a gastro episode required three days hospitalisation.  An endoscopy and partial colonoscopy procedure conducted at the time could not detect any evidence of Graft versus Host Disease (GVHD) of the digestive tract.  This was a little unexpected as the Haematologists had pretty much come to the conclusion back in December that GVHD was the reason for the ongoing gastro issues.  They had held off commencing any medications to see give the GVHD a chance to resolve itself.  Thus the reasons for the gastro upsets remained a mystery.  Even consulting a nutritionist did not shed any more light on the matter or assist with lack of appetite and ongoing weight loss.

The pattern remained much the same through March.  Fatigue, difficulties gaining weight and several short duration gastro events (which quickly took care of any modest weight gains).  At the same time doses of the antirejection medication (which had been administered since the transplant and gradually reduced since Day +90) were getting to the point where they were they were about to be ceased.  The day after the dose was reduced to the lowest rate before ceasing altogether a very irritating rash appeared on the upper body and along with soreness in the mouth.  I made an appointment at the Haematology clinic for the next day.  On examination the Consultant Haematologist concluded with some certainty that the rash and mouth soreness were the result of GVHD and immediately prescribed the standard steroid medication as a precaution and increased the rate of the antirejection medication.  To confirm his conclusion further tests were ordered in the way of a mouth swab and skin biopsy.  Both tests came back negative for GVHD.  The mouth swap indicated a herpes (cold sore type) infection was responsible for the mouth sores and a medication reaction the cause of the rash.  By the time of the next weekly check-up the rash had eased but the mouth sores had worsened to the point that eating (& sleeping) was almost impossible.  In addition,  conjunctivas had developed in both eyes.  That was last Tuesday.  To ensure some nutritional intake I had resorted to supplementing the little food I could take in with nutritional supplements.  

Since being admitted to hospital tests have found presence of an Adenovirus in the intestinal system which is being held responsible for the gastro issues.  Adenoviruses usually manifest in the respiratory system but can also occur in the digestive system as well as cause conjunctivitis and can incubate for months.  Although several infectious explanations have been identified GVHD is not being ruled out and a full exploratory Endoscopy/Colonoscopy still on the agenda.  I am not sure if my improved state of mind over the last 24 hours or so has been due to an easing of some of the worst symptoms of the inflections or the fact that some more definitive explanations are starting to emerge for the re-occurring issues of the last 3 to 4 months.  The fact that these issues appear resolvable, means that maybe I can even start to think about getting back to a point in the foreseeable future when I can contemplate doing some of the things were I’d always considered normal like taking my wife out to dinner or  a bottle of wine over dinner at home.