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How many followers do you have

hey! well, i’ve gotten the same anons recently. i think its probably because i had to remove the follower count in my blog cause it kept crashing and glitching. apparently right now its shows i have X followers. i really hope they fix it soon.. its been like that since last year.. :/ but to satisfy your curiosity..

i honestly appreciate every single one of you. and im really grateful for all of you. and thanks so much for keeping up with me and my blog x

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i was wondering if you could give me any really hardcore hunhan? Or kaisoo?

Hi darling! I’m not sure if these are hardcore enough for you (minus the one hunhan), but here you go:

Kaisoo: if you need proof (here it is) by kais

scarlet sin by d_ecrease

Hunhan: attitude problems —> down boy by exollent

the apex by annafeu (this was rec’d a while back, but I think it’s definitely amazing enough to deserve a second rec!)

I hope these can satisfy you~~

- Admin K

I am horrible… This is like the 5th attempt at drawing Noodle for genderfluidnoodle and I’m still not satisfied with it cause I don’t know how to draw Noodle and I didn’t want to color this cause I know I’ll fuck up the coloring and probably just trash the whole project and go under the covers of my bed but well here you go madam genderfluidnoodle. And since I couldn’t color it I’ll give a story for the drawing:

It was a peaceful night in Kong studios, especially in little Noodle’s room who was sleeping happily and dreaming about rocking it out on stage. Alas, all good things must come to an end for loud screaming woke up and startled the 10 yr old Japanese girl who checked the time and saw that it was only 1:30 AM and she muttered some name-callings in Japanese under her breath as she got up and went out of her room and headed towards the noise.

As she got closer and closer to the noise she realized it was coming from the living room and the screaming, or  well now shouting, sounds a whole lot like Russel and Murdoc arguing about something. Something the 10 yr old couldn’t even begin to care about.

As she entered the living room and stopped by the entrance she saw that Murdoc and Russel were having a huge, over the top argument about what song they should write and 2D was just standing by the sidelines looking worriedly at their two band mates.

Having enough of this racket, an annoyed Noodle yelled at the top of her lungs in Japanese saying, “SHUT UP! SOME PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO SLEEP YOU STUPID-HEADS ARE KEEPING ME UP! BE QUIET SO I CAN SLEEP AND YOU WON’T HAVE TO GET KARATE KICKED IN THE FACE!!!" to which everything became quiet and the three older band mates looked at their young guitarist who was looking at each one of them before nodding her head and going back to her room to sleep once more leaving the other three to go to their rooms and sleep but not before Murdoc and Russel muttered profanities at the other.

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In recovery we have all heard how every meal is a battle and that is very true. When first starting and for a long time we have to fight our own thoughts just to eat even the smallest morsel of food that feels “unsafe” or “to fattening”. We struggle to listen to our own hearts and bodies.

The true testament to being fully recovered and free is when the only questions we ask concerning a meal is this:

1. What do I want/feel like eating?

2. Is that option available to me ( through driving or making myself)?

3. Will it satisfy my hunger/cravings?

To often in recovery we trade one obsession for another in the hopes of staying a certain shape or weight. When recovery is really about letting go and finding who we are and what we need/want. Sure many of you eat more than you used to but maybe only when you eat “healthy” or only “if it fits your macros”  or only if you still watch your calorie intake so that you don’t gain “too much”. This method is not freedom it’s a compromise. It’s you saying to your Ed that ok I’ll get better BUT…..  

The only real recovery is when you can accept that any kind of reasoning  with your eating disorder with keep you stuck and you will remain stuck mentally, physically and emotionally till you can free yourself of all ED tendencies and methods. This entails accepting you for you right now and forever and when I say you I mean the you without ED the true you. The one who wants to never count another calorie, the one who would rather paint than workout, the one that misses going out with friends to eat. You are so much more than the shell that contains you. So why spend so much of you time and mental capacity only wording about the outside. What you need to start taking care of is your soul and that is when you will recover.

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I was tagged by luciferist and thecharmingseal so im combining them cus there is no way i can do ten.

1. I’m really imaginative even if i struggle to find ways to express it sometimes.

2. My writing has really improved compared to what it used to be like and i’m really proud of that.

3. When I’m challenged by something, i wont give up untill i’ve tackled it. Like when my computer had a problem i spent hours working it out untill i fixed it myself. Which was probably not the most productive method. But its really satisfying. 

4. I like to think I’m a kind person. I dont judge people for what they like/ dont like anyway which i think is important.

5. I’m stuck its been 10 minutes, can i leave this one? I’m comfortable being me?

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I love you,Jace Wayland - Herondale - Lightwood - whatever you want to call yourself. I don’t care. I love you and  I   w i l l   a l w a y s   l o v e   y o u, and pretending it could be any other way is just a waste of time.”

Marauders Aesthetics: Sirius and Regulus


She stood up for you in Crawford when Kenny wanted you gone, don’t you think you owe it to her to stand up for her now?


| Free! ED: Future fish | Mr.Fireman Makoto Tachibana ☆ 


A flood of memories flitted through my mind. We’d been together since childhood. Inseparable. Bound. And yet…Dimitri and I had been connected too. Damn it. I’d never wanted to have to choose between them.

"I have to do this," I said yet again. "I’m sorry."

"You’re supposed to be my guardian and go with me to college," she argued. "You’re shadow-kissed. We’re supposed to be together. If you leave me …”