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“You know what really gets me about this? Look at the change in…”

so that’s definitely a ring Thorin gave him/wore at some point right.

We looked at it in close up but unfortunately the ring looks completely different from any that Thorin was wearing.


Do you want to hear something really sad?

Imagine Thorin in the months before the quest, completely restless and filled with nervous energy and unable to sleep. And in those sleepless nights he goes to the forges and starts working on something although he never tells Dwalin about it. 

Fast forward until after BOFA: they get the bodies of the Heirs of Durin ready for burial and it is a task given to those closest to the deceased, but Dwalin can’t stand it, he simply can’t. Imagine him waiting outside (although he WILL go in, one last time, to say goodbye later but that’s a different bout of headcanons) until Balin comes out and he doesn’t say a word but gently knocks their foreheads together. Then he opens his hand and Dwalin sees two rings in there and he can read the engravings on the inside and see the symbols and ancient Khuzdul blessings and vows of love. It takes him a moment but then he understands - Thorin had planned to give them to Dwalin after regaining Erebor because only then would it feel right for him, would he feel good enough to ask Dwalin to marry him. 

Dwalin wears the other ring Thorin forged around his neck but this one, the one Thorin made for him he always wears.

The signs as Dance Moms tropes
  • Aries:Is told fifty times that their child is not on the team. Asks if their child is on the team.
  • Taurus:Child is given a solo at long last. Complains that the solo is punishment.
  • Gemini:Quite possibly a very beautiful robot programmed with only two phrases: "Set up to fail" and "Thrown under the bus."
  • Cancer:Thinks everything is fair because everything is going their way.
  • Leo:Forever demanding everyone be as indignant and raging as they are.
  • Virgo:Doesn't want to start shit with Abby, but crosses her fingers that everyone else starts shit.
  • Libra:Yells at Abby Lee Miller for bullying their child. Calls Abby Lee Miller a fat virgin.
  • Scorpio:Pulls child from rehearsal. Unsure why child is pulled from group.
  • Sagittarius:Not even really sure what they're arguing about anymore, they're just mad.
  • Capricorn:Forms alliances willy nilly depending on who they're more pissed off at atm.
  • Aquarius:Legitimately believes that moving across the country for the sake of an after-school activity is a reasonable thing to do.
  • Pisces:When all else fails, bring up the irrelevant past legal problems of the person you dislike. That'll help.

I think I just ate a massive slice of humble pie.

I should say that this movie is quite romanticized in its approach, so not everything is portrayed accurately, but what really is represented well is the passion and dedication that Ed Wood put in all of his movies.

Sure, they could be crappy, campy, really silly, and impossibly pointless, but they weren’t coming from the mind of a executive trying to make money, but from the heart of a man who was so blinded by his passion that he couldn’t even see the blunders he was producing. They are the most sincere love letters to their respective genres this madman could have created, and just for that I think they should be celebrated as much as they already are.

That’s how good Ed Wood is, a movie with great acting, fantastic writing, and with a heart as big as his passion for movies, and angora sweaters.

I’m going to go re-watch “Bride of the Monster" and "Plan 9 from Outer Space”. I recommend you go do the same.

Why I Didn't Post A Picture Of My Ring On Social Media

Having spent the larger part of a decade quite literally growing up with my now-fiancé, I had always expected his proposal (and our engagement) to be immensely exciting, but also profoundly manageable — as natural as our feelings for one another. Each decision would be made with ease, and without hesitation, because I was so sure of myself, my partner, and all that we had talked about wanting during this period in our lives. However, I had rarely thought about my social media presence, and what it would look like when it was my turn to say “Yes.”

With all the prestige that our society has placed upon the Big Day, it has inevitably become an integral part of the online identities so many of us spend our 20s and 30s crafting. We make heavily-curated online collages, comprised of engagement announcements, photo sessions, showers, rings — even the down-on-one-knee photos — posted via every social media outlet to build up and reinforce our idea of how that one perfect day should look. Knowing that I would not be immune to it all, I wanted to unpack my feelings about unveiling my own engagement to the world beforehand so that I would not be distracted from what should be an effortlessly blissful moment.

I had considered how I felt about it ahead of time and told myself, “I won’t post a photo of the ring to social media” because I never liked how that announcement was directly tied to the size, shape and gleam of The Rock — the symbol so often elevated above the undying promise it is supposed to represent. I reminded myself that it is only a small, materialistic gesture that can’t come close to representing the significance of the decision made by two people who have chosen to spend the rest of their lives together. I had honestly never expected to be tempted to post The Ring when the time came.

But before I knew it, there was the proposal, seemingly out of nowhere because it was always something we were vaguely discussing… “one day this” or “one day that.” And along with all the excitement and genuine surprise — and despite my efforts to predetermine what would and would not be shared — I was left turning over those questions as though considering them for the first time. My previous reflections felt like the kind of tough-minded advice you so decisively provide to a friend in a bind, but then find so hard to follow when in the same situation yourself.

When he did propose, we were a six-hour plane ride away from our closest friends and family, and this distance alleviated a lot of the initial pressure of announcing it. We were alone, just the two of us, in a foreign city where no one knew our names, enjoying this insanely happy moment and celebrating for hours afterwards before calling anyone back home to tell them the news. We knew that once we did, it would mark the beginning of The Engagement, and we simply wanted to be together and enjoy the way the two of us felt, on our own for just a little while longer. No fussing, no smiles or tears or bouncing up and down on our toes because that’s what others expected of us. Just the authentic connection between two people who have just made an incredibly important decision together about where their lives are headed.

However, once the initial excitement subsided and the decision to announce on social media loomed closer, I felt pressured to give into some of the wedding fever I had previously stood against. Despite our distance, and the demands of our family and friends (who, could not text “POST A PHOTO OF THE RING NOW” fast enough) proved to be more difficult to ignore than I would like to admit. A small, very human part of me felt tempted to oblige and display my ring for all of social media’s viewing. I wanted to harvest those likes on IG, Facebook, and Twitter and revel in 15 minutes of the ~wE gOt eNgAgEd ~fame. I was shocked at how I seriously contemplated a decision which I had previously opposed so adamantly. But there I was, scrolling through a couple of photos we had taken earlier with the ring on my finger and thinking, “if they are asking for it, why not give it to them?”

However, after a few minutes of contemplation, I remembered my mindset before the engagement, and felt re-affirmed in my previous decision to NOT post a photo of it. I wanted to save it for people who I would see in person, not depriving both them and us of the opportunity to have the kind of sincere and authentic experience of congratulations that cannot be captured via the comments section of my Instagram feed – the barely contained excitement, the bright smiles, the (warmly) suffocating hugs.

Assessing why I felt the way I did at that point helped me truly understand the mindset that our wedding-obsessed culture instills in us, that you SHOULD be sharing every detail because that’s just what you do. Don’t think, just post. And we must understand that by posting and over-sharing every detail, we only perpetuate the myth of the flawlessly-orchestrated, cookie-cutter wedding. Those of us who have the burden (and blessing) of getting hitched in the haze of social media ubiquitousness have to work towards feeling comfortable with planning a wedding that feels authentic and personal to us, no matter how that translates to social media. If more of us acted on what felt right for our financial situations and personal taste, it would break up the monotony of the same dresses, poses and invitation designs — while reducing the pressure to do the same — and we would all be happier for it.

In the end, I posted a simple photo of us from a distance where you could tell I had a ring on, but it was in no way up close and personal. I felt like I had done my duty by announcing it to the world without posting a glamor shot of the ring, even if there were still moments where I had to fight the temptation to over-share, because I felt like that’s what I should do. When you’re caught up in the emotion of handling something so intimate and private, yet very worthy of public displays of joy and excitement, it’s more difficult than I ever thought it would be to resist sharing it all.

I understand that an engagement is a joyous time of celebration, but I believe (now more than ever) that it’s meant to be intimately shared with loved ones and family, not the world. Posting pictures of your ring only fuels the desire and expectation that people get a giant diamond ring, so that their photos are worthy of being uploaded and “liked.” I feel like we all need to be more selective and consider more carefully what we share and post. Maybe then we’ll be able to bring the discussion back to what 30 years of marriage looks like, instead of cuts, carats and fairly tale stories that distract us from the person with whom we have made this important decision — the only person whose opinion about that incredible moment should matter.

Feel like you’ll never save enough money to be a real person? So did Steph Georgopulos. Read about it in Some Things I Did for Money.

You know what though, TWD has some really incredibly talented actors and actresses. Everything is deliberate. 

So when Michonne smiles at Rick after he’s shaved, and looks at him like she’s seen the sun after a long, bitter night? Like there’s something between them, a chemistry that’s tangible, but neither of them are quite sure how to grasp it? That’s on purpose. That’s real. 

Sherlock and physical contact

Just had a thought. I was reading yet another Sherlolly fanfiction when a thought suddenly struck me. In many of those wonderful stories, Sherlock reveals himself to be quite cuddly and physically affectionate. Enjoying Molly petting his hair, him sleeping while holding her tightly with his head on her chest, or being in his mind palace with his head in her lap… Many examples. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Strangely enough, while we never see him being like that in the show, I totally imagine this kind of stuff to be in character. And I’m not the only one apparently. I can easily picture him doing that. But I can’t, for the life of me, fathom why. And I find that fact to be fascinating! How would you explain why a touchy-feely Sherlock makes absolute sense in many or our heads? That’s weird, isn’t it?

We only see him with his hands in his pockets, avoiding physical contact as much as possible. And yet…

Any ideas? :)

anonymous asked:

Hey, do you guys ever come across something that was left behind? You know, like a lost and found item. :)

Finnick: I sometimes wander around the pizzeria to save myself from dyin of boredom, but I have passed the manager’s office quite a few times. I know the Boss is a shady fella, but one time as I was walkin, I noticed there was a folder of papers on his desk as I passed the office.

Finnick: Now I know it’s wrong to pry, but it seemed that some of them were ripped up, so it caused me to be slightly curious. Dunno what was in those papers, but it doesn’t matter now anyway. I couldn’t get in the office, so it’s a lost cause. Pretty sure the Boss burnt the folder and the files for all I care.

Finnick: So that was really the only thing I’ve come across that has perked my interest. But the only Lost and Found items that we have would be jackets, toys, and bags stuffed in the storage room. I don’t really even have any personal items now that you mention it, so I’m sure if I came across an object it wouldn’t have anything to do with me, so I should continue minding my own business.

I cannot understand the fascination conservative Evangelicals have with the movie American Sniper: The Most Lethal Sniper In U.S. History. Recently, I have witnessed what seems like overt idol worship for the late Chris Kyle, whose killings are highlighted in the film. There is a particular affinity for him and the movie in which he is portrayed in the Bible study I attend for this essay project. This particular congregation, following the lead of their pastor, are quite eager to praise the sniper for his violence. Moreover, they seem insistent on declaring themselves as “sheepdogs”, rather than Christ’s “sheep”. If this is not idolization, I am not quite sure what is. Idolatry, while tantalizing, remains an enormous problem in American Christianity as a whole. Even further troubling is the idolatry of sacred violence, which is blatantly anti-Christ in nature.

I’m moving out of my parents home on Saturday and I feel quite young again. I’m seeing everything in my home with unwarranted depth; this object I made when I was 10 and no longer understand the context of, this poster, this old and weathered coin of unknown origin. I have a strange and growing suspicion that life is generally about making it up as you go along, and any feeling of security of self and position/place is illusory. I do not feel twenty two just like I never felt twenty one. God knows what I felt at 18.

But I do have somewhere great to go and I am not destitute or alone in doing this, so that’s positive. I am excited about what comes next because I’m not quite sure what it will be.

for fundamentalconstituents, one more story before I go to bed: 

When I was about seven months pregnant, I was at the bookstore just minding my own business, when a little boy - I’d guess not quite four years old - ran up and grabbed my stomach urgently. I was startled and asked him what was wrong. 

"YOU SWALLOWED A SEED!" he shouted, looking distraught at this point. 

By now, his dad was running up and saying some kind of apology (I’m not sure what he said, I couldn’t hear him over his son). He grabbed the boy and said something about not touching people without their permission, but I was so confused about the seed comment that I interrupted and asked what the boy might have meant, since he had seemed so upset. 


This kid literally thought that pregnant ladies had swallowed watermelon seeds and were growing giant fruit in their bellies and was so concerned that he felt the need to warn me.

There’s Too Much Human Waste on Mount Everest

Mount Everest, once imagined to be a pristine and foreboding emblem of nature, is now full of human waste, and that waste is causing pollution issues and spreading disease, according to officials in Nepal.

The chief of Nepal’s mountaineering association, Ang Tshering, said Tuesday that the 700 annual visitors to the mountain are leaving behind special treats that the Nepalese aren’t down for.

The human feces and urine can be found in such great amounts that no one’s quite sure what to do with them.

Tshering added that the Nepalese government needs to do a better job making sure climbers clean up after themselves.

There are four camps between the base camp and the summit but none of these camps have toilets. Climbers typically dig holes for their waste, but Tshering says they’ve been doing this for years and now the waste has piled up around the camps.

At base camp waste is stored in drums which are transported to lower elevations when full.

Though there isn’t a plan in place for dealing with the waste at the camps above base camp, the government currently requires each climber to carry out 18 pounds of garbage when they leave, or risk losing a $4000 deposit.

anonymous asked:

i think the reason or one of them at least is the boys don't do anything extra like behind the scenes tour videos because they're already super exhausted from working five years straight with minimal break. what if they don't want to do anything more than what needs to be done?

Well yea they probably are tired which is understandable given the circumstances. You shouldn’t burn your clients out to the point where the quality of the product gets compromised. I’m sure there are quite a few reasons we don’t get any extra bts stuff anymore. I’m just saying it would be nice if we did. But fans are accustomed to dealing with the bare minimum at this point so here we are, filled with nostalgia, reminiscing on when we got nice things, having this same conversation over and over. *shrugs*

I feel like I’m constantly looking for happiness and fulfillment in all the wrong places.

Do you ever just pause for a second in the midst of your life and realize that you no longer recognize yourself? I don’t mean this in a physical sense, but more of an all around feeling. I’ve never felt so damn lost in my entire life. It’s terrifying, and I’m not quite sure what to do about it.

The Diary Dilemma

Honestly, he hadn’t intended to find anything out of the ordinary in Rin’s desk drawer, and to the whaleshark’s defense, he was only looking for a pen. But when Sousuke lifted a stack of papers a small book came with it, tumbling open to the floor of their shared dorm with a phloof!

A teal gaze widened at the sight of the shark’s handwriting, a perfect, flowing scrawl that Sousuke quite admired. He wasn’t even sure what it was, picking up the small book and paging through it, about to close it and return it undisturbed when suddenly— he saw his name.

There it was, written in that same fluid script, drawing his curious stare. He was actually surprised to see his name again, a bit further down the page, and that was when he relented and started to read. It was fascinating, reading the inner most thoughts of the person he had always cared for, and in only a short period of time he had managed to peruse the entire contents, exceptionally satisfied with the parts that were written exclusively about him.

It was official, the shark liked him back.

Lost in thought, Sousuke hadn’t realized just how late it actually was and he wasn’t expecting Rin for quite some time. He was so absorbed in the pages of the private book that he hadn’t heard the footsteps that padded down the hall, and he definitely wasn’t prepared when the handle suddenly turned.


spicycabbage asked:

hi!! im back (again) and I have a con in about 20 something days with my davesprite cosplay! I have the structure down, with the feathers ready to be attached, but I looked at your tutorial (thank you so much for that btw) and I couldn't figure out how to attach it? is it possible you could give a little more detailed explanation? thank you so much!

Yes of course! I’m apologizing in advance, I’ll probably repeat myself a bit but I hope you get at least something out of this. I didn’t quite catch what part you didn’t understand, but I’ll try to cover as much as I can.
I’m (on tumblr mobile) at school so I made this in notability - it was easier to work using that between (and during) classes rather than to write it on tumblr (also looks like I’m taking notes). I hope you don’t mind them being pictures!

I’m pretty sure I forgot something or something is written/drawn in an hard way to understand/I left something unclear so send me an another message if you need to ’ v ’ Also please put pictures on tumblr, I really wanna see your cosplay!! I’m super excited when other people cosplay the same characters I’ve also cosplayed/plan to cosplay (Davesprite bby)!

EOS 10 Relisten: 1x5 Akmazian

We are five weeks in! This week’s episode picks up right were last week’s, 1x4 Up, Up, Up left off. 

We finally meet the infamous Akmazian.

So I met Tim Torre — the voice of Akmazian — at a casting back in June 2014. He’d submitted for a couple short films we were working on and I liked him immediately. We cast him in a short that’s still in production called A Good Time, in which he plays opposite me as the younger, prettier half of what was supposed to be a one-night hookup. I knew when I saw Tim’s headshot that he was a pretty young guy (and in fact, the role in the short was between him an another actor a few years older than me — we weren’t quite sure where we were going in casting) but I was a little surprised when I found out he was barely 19 and we were asking him to essentially strip down on set in front of strangers and jump into bed with a guy almost twice his age. Did I mention Tim’s straight? Anyway, I don’t want to give too much away of the short (it’ll be finished this May), but his age definitely influenced the story and how we approached each other. And when you see it you’ll say, wow, Tim’s even better than I thought.

                          (a screen grab from A Good Time)

So fast forward to when I’m working on EOS 10 and I’ve tried several times and failed to cast Akmazian. Everyone was so… boring. Typical. Every actor read Akmazian with this cliched, growly super-villain voice, as-if they had no imaginations and couldn’t see the guy with any kind of complexity at all. Tim, on the other hand, when I asked him to take a crack at Akmazian, gave him some good ‘ol Southern charm. It’s not anything I would’ve asked for (the Southern part anyway — I was definitely looking for charm), but I loved it when he offered it up. And so, Akmazian — a character that was initially only supposed to be a one-off in this episode — took shape.

Another thing I love about this episode: Dr. Urvidian showing a soft side, not only with his concern for a plague-ravaged star system, but in appealing to Dr. Dalias by calling him Ryan. If you know anything about medicine, first-names are reserved for colleagues of equal-stature (or maybe really good friends, as Jane and Ryan often talk to each other on a first-name basis) and even then, when talking with other colleagues (especially subordinates) it’s always Dr. So and So — a strictly last name affair. So this was an important moment in their relationship, so much that Ryan couldn’t even let it go by without mentioning it. And of course, Dr. Urvidian has to play it off like it’s all soo beneath him. 

The beauty of that is, it is kind of beneath him, strictly speaking. Despite Ryan’s status, Dr. Urvidian outranks him in so many different ways. So his choice to say “Ryan” as opposed to “Dr. Dalias” was a conscious, momentous one.

I also have to point out that I really use what happens here to set up next week’s episode, 1x6 Antivaxx, when Dr. Urvidian starts getting a little reckless. And this is where the Dr. Urvidian storyline really starts to turn, where we start to see maybe a little bit of what he’d been using alcohol to escape from as, newly-sober, he’s exposed to it all again. Medicine is not an easy field, and this kind of frontier medicine, the kind Dr. Urvidian has seen throughout his career, you can imagine how much it might wear on a person. I’m taking the time to mention this because I know a lot of people see 1x5 as just the conclusion to the much-loved 1x4, but really — it gets us rolling all the way to the season’s finale.

Okay, I’ve promised to try and keep these shorter, so join me again next week when we relisten and talk about 1x6 Antivaxx.

Well, I guess its about time that I announce why I’ve been a little inactive as of late. I’m going on Hiatus for quite a while… and I’m not exactly sure when I’ll be back. Right now “Work” has taken nearly all of my free time, and I want to dedicate what’s left of it to vivziepop​ ‘s upcoming projects. In the meantime… I’ll be working hard on Grim Noir, and one other project in particular.. that will be revealed once I return. My YouTube however, will start being more active!~ I’ve got a new TimeSplitters showcase coming up, and I’ll be starting my first Let’s Play in a few days. You can Subscribe here in the meantime.~

Now… When I return, you can expect a 100% Completed “Grim Noir”, a Secret Project, and much much more. This isn’t a break, nonono… this is just a long period of time I’m cutting myself off from responsibility, so I can actually get things done. I didn’t want to make you guys wait, but keeping up with everything on a regular update schedule right now is near impossible. I’m close to being able to support myself without the need for a job, so let’s shoot for that for the time being.

Until next time, Peace!~ <3