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asongoficeandchoir asked:

" And graduating from college doesn’t mean you are smart!! Just a reminder. George W. Bush graduated from Yale ;)" LOL nice generalization. This is the typical "IM STREET SMART!! SCHOOL /=/ INTELLIGENCE" excuse so many ignorant people use.

Um, like, I DID graduate from college though.

I was just explaining that succeeding at college doesn’t equal innate intelligence.  The type of intelligences valued in academia only represent a tiny sliver of ALL forms of human intelligence (for example, emotional intelligence and creativity are valued less than reasoning and conformity).  Also the fact that college is an opportunity afforded to only a small portion of the world population when there are millions of highly intelligent people who never go to college and still make tremendous strides and contributions to humanity. 

Like, chill the fuck out, dude.  What are you so insecure about?