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Oh my God what if Derek hasn't seen porn since he was a teenager? What if all of the crap has just killed any interest he had and he's so confused by how casual Stiles is about it like "I thought watching porn was supposed to be that thing that people do but don't talk about?" but sure enough here they are on the couch and Derek gets so embarrassed that he just spends nearly the entire time covering his eyes and Stiles thinks it's both tragic and adorable

How I see this playing out-

Derek: Stiles, I am not watching this with you!

Stiles: I think it’s too late to turn back now.

Derek: Wait, what is he doing? IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!

Stiles: Oh trust me, it’s possible.

*five minutes later*

(Not my gifs.)


“Steve, you really didn’t have to do that,” you laugh, watching him reenter the room from your spot on the couch.

He shrugged and you watched his muscles, because well, how could you not? He dries his fingers carefully with the towel, saying: “Of course I did. You made dinner,” he said, as though that explained it all.

He walked over to you, placing the towel on the back side of the couch and leaning down to kiss you softly on the lips. You taste fresh garlic on his breath and say: “Were you eating the rest of the spaghetti while you were in there?”

He turns to go back into the kitchen, “I have a fast metabolism.”

Lets just consider a few things...

There are some very delusional people out there. Lets see:

 St.lia is endgame. They’re perfect for each other.

Yes. Stiles obviously agrees (and this gif is from S5 btw):

It’s true love. They’re in love with each other.

Let me just go vomit really quick. I’ve seen M.lia be fonder of deer than of Stiles. And on his part, Stiles has shown immensely more affection to pretty much everyone else: Lydia, Scott, Derek and Liam. Lets also consider his dad and Melissa, Allison, Isaac, Caitlin, Heather, Cora, Erica, Boyd, Parrish, even the Jeep (we can go on…)

St.lia is canon.

This might just be the shittiest excuse I’ve ever heard on the matter, and it’s usually followed by…

Stiles doesn’t want Lydia. Stiles is not in love with Lydia anymore and Lydia never cared for Stiles.

Right. Let me just…

So they obviously don’t care about each other:

But enough of Stydia because in fact, we see numerous displays of affection between Stiles and his girlfriend and they’re always there for each other, holding so close:

And look how cute they are when M.lia goes cheer for him at the Lacrosse games:

Adorable. And how about when Stiles and his girlfriend kiss?

There’s so much love between him and M.lia. They’re in awe and emotional and they share such a deep connection. It’s just beautiful. And how proud of himself is he when he gets the girl?

And my personal favorite, look at Stiles and M.lia caring for each other and looking shyly when what they actually want to do is to kiss.

“But… But that’s not St.lia…”

Oh? Oh, really? Sorry, my bad.

Maybe I’m the one who’s delusional, so I’ll just be here holding on tight to Stydia, just like they are!


‘‘Michael (Jackson) performs auto-erotic dance steps, lands in water which is archetypal-speak for sexuality and would show a suggestive close-up of his groin and hand and he would stop and deliberately and ceremoniously zip his fly. This is a direct message of power -black sexuality, procreation and black power. It is a statement against the characterization of black men, a protest against castration and lynching of black males, a reference to black powers and the panthers.

The stodgy, puritanical and racist establishment would immediately come after him and declare his video shocking, violent and inappropriate and deserving of censorship.[…]The fact that Michael was music’s darling for so long until his ‘Black or White’ was released, is of note. They (social order) even forgave him the leather wearing tough guy image in ‘Bad’. ‘Bad’, it seems was not seen as political; at least not threateningly political. But ‘Black or White’ is unmistakable in its violence and political statement to the culturally attuned. Until its release in 1991 Michael was accepted as a force in the music scene, but not necessarily a threat.

‘Black or White’ changed all that. It was powerful and evocative and just a bit arrogant. It clearly said ‘I am powerful; I am a voice and a presence, now deal with me!’. ‘Black or White’ was released in the fall of 1991 and the first charges of impropriety with children surfaced late spring of 1993, a little more than a year later.’’

- writer Rev. Barbara Kaufmann elaborating on the cultural impact of the Michael Jackson’s 1991 short film ‘‘Black or White’’ (here’s a link) 


“So let’s try some floor poses first,” you hear him chuckle at the comment but decide to push through, “You do push ups right?” 

“Yeah,” he says nervously. 

“So you get into push up position and then you raise your feet so that your knees meet your elbows,” you say, quickly maneuvering yourself in the correct position, “Like this, see?” 

He does this rather simply, so you decide it’s time for some standing positions. 

“So you’ll just hold your hands out, and tuck your leg right here,” you say calmly, showing him the pose. When you look up to check his progress, you let out a laugh. He has his arms and legs twisted pretzel style. 

You laugh, walking over to him, “Let’s try again shall we?” He fake pouts as you move his limbs to be in the right position. 

“There,” you smile, going back to your mat and doing the pose yourself, “You’ve got it.”

“Yuh-huh,” you hear him mutter. When you look up you see Chris flailing about, trying to keep his balance.

“Ya’know, babe,” he says, looking down at his position, “This isn’t very relaxing.” You close your eyes, and center your hands, breathing in and saying, “Relaxation comes with practice.”

You hear a chuckle right by your ear, “But I know something just as relaxing, and way more fun.”