Imagine singing along to Paula Cole as Dean walks in the room:

“Oh, would her son grow to know his father?”


“Dean, what the hell? I was jamming to that song!”
“Do you have any idea how many times I heard this crap back in 1998? I am SO sick of this song…You know what? Dawson’s Creek can suck my-”
“You just smashed my music player. You owe me an iPod and an iHome.”
“…DAMNIT! I blame Paula Cole!”

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Not a headcanon, but I wanted to talk about two scenes from VoDT. While the movie itself was a major disappointment for me, especially in terms of Edmund’s character, I like that they kept one aspect I feel is very him.

The first scene (on left), Lucy goes missing because she’s kidnapped by the Dufflepuds. Edmund is very panicked. If you think about it, this is the first time in the Pevensies coming to Narnia that Edmund is the oldest sibling. I’m sure that Lucy and Edmund went places together in the Golden Age. But he always had Peter and Susan back home. If anything happened, he knew they would help–they would take care of him. In VoDT, Lucy goes missing and his siblings are in an entirely different world altogether. Edmund feels the need to protect his sister at all costs, but he feels like he just failed. He gets panicked.

Second Scene (on right), Eustace is turned into a dragon. Right before, When he thinks Eustace is dead, Edmund puts all the blame on himself. He wants to be like Peter, a responsible, strong leader, but he can’t. This scene happens directly after Deathwater in which Edmund “confesses” that he feels like a second fiddle, and for once he wants to feel in charge. Snapping out of it, his cousin is missing or dead. Think of the massive amount of guilt he’s feeling. And like an Edmund thing to do, he expresses his relief that Eustace isn’t dead by a bit of humor. First time in Narnia alone and he nearly loses two of his family members.

This probably would have been a great character arch in the movie if they would’ve scripted a scene or two developing it more. But I just wanted to rant.