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i think you said this in an ask, you mentioned bucky having a kink for steve doing anything wifey but not realizing it? do you think bucky wants to put a ring on it now that its legal??


• tony stark’s 40th birthday party. totally his 40th, no he hasn’t been turning 40 for four years now BARTON. tony stark’s 40th birthday. vegas. hotel room. extra-stocked minibar and a bottle of champagne sent up by tony as a weird joke. “FOR THE HONEYMOONERS”

• “yeah that’s somethin” steve laughs, folding up the note “mrs rogers, huh?” 

• “mrs ROGERS? excuse me? mrs barnes, more like, sergeant’s girl…can’t tell me you haven’t heard of her, pretty as hell – kinda mouthy, though – perfect ass, so i ain’t complaini–ow!” 

• cut: two hours and two rounds and one bottle of champagne and the entire double minibar later 

• “i just wanna call you mine when we’re in bed baby” bucky slurs “i just want you to be mine, don’t you wanna be my guy, cmon, cmon, can do it tonight, we’ll do it tonight –” “well, you gotta get on your knees” “was just there!” “nooo, no, buck, i won’t say yes ‘till you’re on you’re knees –” 

• bucky rolls his eyes and kneels down but they’re on the bed so he’s higher up than steve and he’s like “steve rogers………..marry me so i can make an honest dame outta you at last, you good-time hussy” 

• an elvis marries them. the wedding picture is steve acting like drunk chris evans, about to lick bucky’s face. the other is probably them getting a little weepy. the last is probably censored, as are the twelve photos on steve’s phone from that night

• they wake up. they are superheroes so there is not even a hangover to fall back on. they just have to look at one another and LIVE WITH THEIR SHAME. (and the bill for the minibar. and the email dinging on steve’s phone, telling them their photos are printed and ready. oh, and natasha texting him the bride emoji. over. and over. and over. and over. and) 

• tony stark almost dies at the age of “forty” because pepper breaks the news gently – elvis leaked the story for cash – while he is eating a breakfast of advil. he chokes on the advil. iron man almost dies choking on advil 

• all major news sources run their “””””””wedding pictures”””””””””” (DRUNK DEBAUCHERY IN VEGAS! CAPTAIN AMERICA AND CAPTAIN AMERICA MARRIED! A SHAM!!! A DISGRACE OF GOOD AMERICAN VALUES!!!!!!!!!!!! or, according to buzzfeed and tumblr and historians worldwide: TOLD. YOU. SO. WE TOLD YOU SO)

• “ABOUT THE NOTE” tony texts them, once he is breathing again “I WAS JOKING

• turns out they are not actually married because instead of signing with his name on the certificate, steve wrote MRS ROGERS FUCK YOU JAMMS BARNES

• bucky still calls steve mrs barnes just to piss him off. 

• the end.


everyone contributing to the campaign PRESIDENCY FOR GLENN RHEE 2K15 :-DDD


has anyone done gymnastics au yet bc i feel like i really really need this!!!

also i know oikawa can’t technically use the ribbon and ball in competition AND that’s a mixed pair pose but… ya know….  ┐(´∀`)┌

Accurate representation of my reaction to anyone in Japan who’s seen Mirai-hen.


I’m making this because I need you all to know how much I love and appreciate you. you’re all so amazing and make me so so so happy I can’t even begin to explain. thank you <3

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Iwa-chan & Oikawa


tumblr McSwarek Appreciation Week

Day 7 - A condensed love story (I think their entire relationship deals with the gray areas of life and love.)

rookie cop (on her first day) chases down, tackles (tries to kiss), and arrests UC cop (she didn’t know)

UC cop becomes rookie cop’s T.O. and he teaches her to use her instincts and to always back up her partner

UC cop & rookie cop are attracted to one another and wrestle with their feelings for a couple seasons (because what’s more fun than TENSION)

finally give in to each other (because you can only hold off from sex for so long with someone you’re falling in love with and work side-by-side day in day out)

they tried the relationship, didn’t know exactly what to do (more like were on different pages and used sex over communication) and then Jerry died (RIP) and they couldn’t maintain a relationship

she left for 6 months, he tried (and failed) to move on, she missed him but tried to move on herself, then he got shot and she admitted she still loved him and never felt more loved or known than when she was in his arms

so they brought their friendship back (which didn’t last long). she met his dad and Sam faced his demons. they fought and then opened up about their painful breakup. and finally fell back into each other’s arms. (all growth!!)

she was nearly blown up looking for computer hard-drives..he thought he lost her. 

and now, the ex he dated while he was trying to get over her (Andy) comes back and says she’s pregnant. but he’s 100% committed to his McNally who took him down on her first day, and it’s pretty obvious she is committed to him too. the initial shock is a given…but everything they’ve been through will show us how they will be able to stick by each other and deal with problems in better ways than the past. 


Happy Birthday, my twin! (*´∀`*人*´∀`*)


“I wasn’t even gonna tell him but then I did… tell him. And he went out and bought this insane Yankee’s onesie and a calendar and marked the due date, which I should mention is today.”

[for Queen Maddison shipper: heathenn]

*is still deliriously re-watching season 9 and regrets never flailing publicly about 9x18*

It’s been a year, let’s rewatch the trainwreck that turned me into this shipper mess with some serious hindsight goggles. Fair warning I’m only watching at all because I’m ill and exhausted and it’s making me weird so as always the read more is optional when I’m like this, unless you expressly followed me because my delirious ramblings amused you. :P

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