I didn’t need to actually see them to know, I just heard Takao’s voice and…

MY SHUUTOKU BOYS, I’M SO GLAD TO SEE YOU. I missed you so much, I saw you in your game against Kaijo but still, OH BOYS, I REALLY REALLY MISSED YOU, YOUR ORANGE UNIFORMS ARE SO WELCOME IN MY LIFE (?)

Also, looks like Takao and Midorima are finally themselves again. And I’m so glad, so glad to be able to see them they way they usually are again, without all that sadness in their eyes, in their voices. Takao teasing Midorima and Midorima’s usual reply… Welcome back, my dear boys. WELCOME BACK

I’m about to go run my last “long run” of marathon training. Just 8 miles. i truly cannot believe it. This time next week I will be in St. Malo, France, at the expo, picking up my bib and race packet. Holy shit.

I am so ready. SO ready.

The signs as posts I’m sick of seeing on my dash:

Aries: Astrology posts

Taurus:  Astrology posts

Gemini:  Astrology posts

Cancer:  Astrology posts

Leo:  Astrology posts

Virgo:  Astrology posts

Libra:  Astrology posts

Scorpio:  Astrology posts

Sagittarius:  Astrology posts

Capricorn:  Astrology posts

Aquarius: Astrology posts

Pisces: Astrology posts

Seriously people Astrology is bullshit why are you so obsessed with the irrelevant position of the sun when you were born

I know people are getting excited for Kaneki’s return, but I hope you all aren’t gonna start being rude to Sasaki again.

Hello you lovely people!

Sooo in honor of my little blog reaching 1k+ followers, below is the list of the blogs that fill my dash with everything vamps! Favs will be written in bold! I probably don’t talk to 95% of them (bc im awkward and shit) but I swear they’re all amazing!

Again, thank you so much to every single one of you! For a blog that doesn’t post my own edits/gifs/imagines and whatnot, 1k is a huge deal. Thank you for putting up with my crazy (and annoying) tags and my constant freaking out over every shirtless photo we get. I’m sorry if I can’t follow every single one of you but I trust me, I see you creepin’ and liking/reblogging and I LOVE IT!! Sending everyone virtual hugs! - Ash xx

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Birthday food 🍓🍦and my new gym shirt from Gen’s client and our friend Theresa.

Not shown on my birthday food rampage:
- confetti cupcakes with Nutella icing (woke up to gen-ixx holding a plate of them with candles)
- vanilla dip donut
- homefries
- deep fried wontons filled with cream cheese and jalapeños
- rasberry turnovers
-strawberry milkshake
- bacon pepperoni pizza pops
- chicken fingers
- tropical sorbet
- thick cut chips and dip
- strawberry short cake ice cream cones
And a bunch of alcohol.

Strange magic headcanon

Bog and Marianne are the trolliest parents. 

Like on the outside they are this power couple unholy matrimony royal spouses who rule their respective kingdoms with wise decisions, and are both feared and respected, all poised and stuff. 

But one the inside it’s all horrible bug puns and “hi _____, i’m dad” jokes.