Both of these were basically just giant experiments. 

This started out as punk!Carmilla for whoisdeh combined with Carmilla in Dr. Martens that holestein suggested. But it ended up just being regular grunge Carmilla with a lot of weird experimental filters and colors that I just threw in for shits. 


if i can’t see the robbers, the robbers can’t see me, yes?



anonymous asked:

what's your favorite thing about asami and korra, individually and together?

my favorite thing about korra is her overwhelming loyalty, not only just to the people she loves, but also to good in general, her loyal to compassion, to love in general. it makes her so incredibly brave.

my favorite thing about asami is how she breaks so many stereotypes, which makes her profoundly complex & such an incredible gift as a character—she’s feminine & fierce at self-defense; she has shampoo commercial-worthy hair & she’s an absolutely brilliant engineer; she’s almost achingly gentle with korra & she takes no shit from anyone who threatens or demeans her or the people she cares about. she’s v brave too.

my favorite thing about them together is how much better they make each other. & they’re healthy, one of the healthiest relationships i’ve seen in a long time. they’re brave & have these lovely senses of humor; they break so many barriers just bc they’re open abt their care & their affection. & i really do think they’re just really good for each other. they fell in the most special kind of love—they fell in love with their best friend, which is almost sacred & such a wonderful kind of thing to say, bc they’re tender & passionate & that’s in friendship & in romance. they’re hopeful, especially after everything they’ve been through, & i think so much of that hope on a personal level is bc of how enduring their love has been. & i love that asami doesn’t want korra to apologize for doing what she had to do to heal, that’s one of my favorite things i’ve ever seen a character do.

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What a powerful scene with dark!charlie and good!charlie side by side. That  was a really personal way to drive home the long-running themes of who’s the monster, are they even heroes anymore, the necessary balance between saving people and hunting things. Dean’s inner violence and darkness that he needs to face, needs to forgive himself for, needs to learn to handle better because they will always be part of him, whether he gets rid of the Mark of Cain or not.

And the family rallies around him! Sam is 100% supportive, Cas calls frequently and asks how Dean is feeling, and now Charlie is on the case as well. He’s got the support and love of some extraordinary people. Love that he has EARNED. Now he just needs to accept that.

Also Dean: “What the hell is kale?” ♥ Robbie Thompson ♥

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Solas' Relationships with the Inner Circle - based on the Banter

Varric is probably his closest friend of the Inquisition.They were in it from the beginning, both with an earnest, if wry, perspective on the entire thing and somewhat united in their views on the Chantry. They have an easy camaraderie, and Solas respects Varric’s seemingly unending pool of empathy. Though they do not always agree, I would argue that in a way they are sort of the team parents.

This is best illustrated in their relationship with Cole. Solas is a surrogate father to him in many ways. More reserved in his emotions than Varric, he still very clearly cares for Cole and will defend him at all costs. Cole clearly respects his opinions and sees him as something of an authority on magic, spirits, etc. They understand each other, and I believe Solas makes Cole feel more comfortable. Solas is an intermediary between both worlds, and to a fish out of water like Cole this is comforting. They speak the same language.

He greatly respects Cassandra. He finds many of her views misguided or a little naive, but he recognizes in her a genuine search for the truth, and admires that she will change her mind if she learns she is wrong. They both hold each other at a respectful arms length, given their natures, but there is nothing cold between them.

Solas gets along very well with Blackwall and Cullen. They are soldiers, hardened, practical men in whom he sees a great deal of himself. He talks to them as equals, sharing that ‘band of brothers’ bond forged in battle. Their talk is what you might hear in any soldier’s camp: ‘gentle’ ribbing, comments with nearly no context, wry observations, and a shared, oft unspoken tragedy. Particularly with Blackwall, which is why his ‘reveal’ hits Solas so strongly. He had seen Blackwall as a better Solas, and this revealed they were very much the same.

In a way, the same goes with the Iron Bull. Solas has no respect, and outright despises, the Qun, but he does see the Iron Bull as a worthy man, and comes to respect him as well. In a way, Solas’ own lumping of everyone under the Qun effected his perception of the Iron Bull, until he bothered to see him outside of it. He recognizes in him a great intellect underneath his boisterous exterior, and a greater pain. They may not be the warmest companions, but there is little tension when they are in the party together. 

Unlike Solas and Sera. She is very difficult to get along with, and very stubborn, which is not helped as Solas is also very stubborn and convinced he is right. He is constantly trying to ‘right’ her, bring her to an understanding of her people, their innate magic, and what he sees as her potential. Regardless of whether she wants it or not. It is also a test of his patience, for her attitude is not an easy thing for him to swallow.

Solas and Vivienne are ever at odds with each other. They are both mature adults who know what they want and what they believe to be entirely true. While he respects her intelligence, he sees her ambition as extremely dangerous (probably in no small part because it was like his when he was younger). I believe she reminds him of the old gods, powerful mages lording over others under the guise of ‘order’.

Which leaves Dorian. Their relationship is, on the surface, highly antagonistic. They are always trading barbs, and despite all of Dorian’s attempts at ‘reaching across the aisle’, so to speak, Solas always returns with a snide, harsh comment. Underneath that, though, there is a mutual admiration and honest affection. Their constant arguing - over magical techniques, history, everything - is how they’ve grown as friends. They may not be warm to each other, but anyone who mistakes their bickering as anything other than friendly is mistaken.

His relationships with Leliana and Josephine are much harder to analyze, as beyond the codex entries from Leliana’s perspective there is very little interaction between them. I think, going off of nothing, that he is probably wary of Leliana. If anyone can sniff him out, it’s her. He doesn’t want to give her any reason to poke into the stories he’s told of himself. He is courteous, respectful, and entirely professional. 

UPDATE - theharellan said that: “Josephine says she likes his stories and finds him very wise and interesting when you ask her about him.” I like to imagine him wandering outside of his rotunda more often than might seem. He loves being around people, and he loves talking and listening and Josephine is such a champ that I can see them passing each other in the hall, pausing to say hello, and a half hour later they’re still chatting.

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in which I am lame as fuck, have weird hair, and do dramatic readings of crack fics


MARVEL COMICS MEME - SEVEN RELATIONSHIPS (2/7)  → Jean Grey (616) & Jean Grey (1610)

"As if I wasn’t feeling bad about myself before…now there is you being better at being me than I am.”
"That’s not true."
"You read my mind. You know my mistakes."
"Yeah. And you know mine.”


“Let’s take our clothes off.”

“Does that mean… You want to go in the ocean with me? I think that’s a bad idea. There are lots of ways that could be dangerous. But I don’t mind if you just want to see me naked.”

You don’t mind…?

I think we both had a pretty good time.

There was no way I wasn’t going to do this one as soon as possible

     Oh my goodness, thank you! I doubt this bit gets read all that often,
       as it tends to repeat the same sentiments of gratitude and surprise with every
       iteration, but even after nearly two years of writing Sansa the support and the
       kindness encountered here continue to give me such warm fuzzies. I’d like to
       do something I’ve never attempted before, and that’s offer up a resource pack
       of icon borders & psds I’ve created, as well as a collection of useful fonts that
       I’ve found since learning Photoshop.

                                            You can download the resource pack here.

       I also want to recognize some of the wonderfully talented individuals I’ve had
       the good fortune to encounter during my time here on Tumblr. Though I have
       not yet had the pleasure to write with all of you, it’s something I look forward to
       very much. You’ve all made my dashboard a fantastic place to visit each day!

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