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remember how fairy tail was mostly all about having fun and then everything changed really quickly

the fact that I didn’t add their pasts makes me even more not o K 

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grunge/ lucid ☯


there’s only with me or against me

"I will burn you down," Kavinsky said.

Ronan’s smile was sharp as a knife. He had already been burned to nothing.
"You wish."

Kavinsky made a gun of his thumb and finger and put it to Ronan’s temple. “Bang,” He said softly, withdrawing the fake gun. “See you on the streets.”

One-way sex sucks. Sexual activity in any form, be it real or in cyberspace, should be give-and-take. Like, I don’t mind showing my stuff if my partner does it too. I shouldn’t be the only one doing my part.

If you don’t want to reciprocate but still want me to do advances, then at least pay me. I know, it sound like being a prostitute. But hey, at least they get paid.