FICLET: Who Kills the Spiders?


Jolted awake by the shout, adrenaline snapping awareness of everything about the dorm room against his brain like a taut bowstring, Matt rolled out of bed and into a reflexive crouch, hands held up in front of him. Before his heart could beat a second time, he already knew that the windows and door were still closed and locked, the lights still out, and by the relative silence of the street outside, it was somewhere between one and three in the morning.

Foggy, he could tell by the scrabbling sounds of bedding-restricted motion, had not left his bed, though he was frantically trying to. His heart was racing, but the kind of racing that indicated being startled, not actual fear. And aside from Matt’s, it was the only heartbeat in the room. As Matt processed that last detail the hairs at the back of his neck stopped standing up on end and he let his hands fall, just slightly, as Foggy clicked his bedside lamp on.

“I thought it was my hair,” he said in a shaky voice. “Jesus. I wish you could see this thing, Matt. It’s the size of an egg, and it was on my face.”

“What is it?” Matt asked, though he could identify the tiny pizzicato footfalls of the spider, now that he was listening for it.

“Really, really big-ass spider,” Foggy said, now standing next to the bed. “In my bed, dude.” He must have looked up then, because he snorted. “And what are you doing?”

Matt realized he was still in his fighter’s crouch and he straightened hastily. “Uh, nothing. Nothing.”

“Didn’t look like nothing.” Foggy seemed to be enjoying the prospect of deflecting some of the embarrassment onto Matt. “You going to kickbox the spider into submission?”

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okay but seriously, the Captain Marvel movie doesn’t need a hetero romantic subplot, it just needs a scene where Carol and Jessica meet, instantly decide to be best friends, and then they just kick butt for two and a half hours while making fun of other Avengers


People that are Hard to Come By

Feeling like the stress of having to deal with Lightning had really drained him for the day, Mephisto quickly boots the kiddies out of his office before Rin can start haranguing him all over again about his answer earlier and having to explain himself further.

However before he can adjourn this sudden meeting of theirs, he has Shima and Yukio stay to speak with them for a bit.

Like with Rin he notices the look Shima has on his face, and comments on what he assumes he’s feeling as he notes that he’s quite lucky to find friends like them. Sure they gave him a pretty rough time before and might have said some things where it probably did hit him where it hurts.

But ultimately their feelings for him were laid out in their response to Lightning’s question, and that is more than enough to remind him how people like them are hard to come by.

((Aw, Shima.)) 


The Player That Moves the ♟ Pawns ♟

Finding this all to be a humorously amusing turn of events with these kids, Mephisto only wonders why it took them this long to confront him when it’s always been as plain as the nose on their faces.

Much like the trial he’d undergone in the Vatican with Rin, he finds no reason to deny their accusations and admits that everything that has happened to them before and after they’d enrolled into the school was because of him.

Even though it meant sacrificing a few along the way, he had to do what he could in order to ensure that they survive and grow because he believes that they are the ones he cannot win this battle without.

As he had once said, he considers this place like a board game where the people are special pawns who he the player must maneuver carefully in order to win the game in the end.


An Uneasy Feeling in That One

Again, it’s interesting how Mephisto can feel so off his guard around him compared to Angel who is the Paladin.

…On the other hand easygoing types of people who are in a position of such influence, and yet remaining in the background from other’s view, is definitely something to feel uneasy about.

I wonder what Lightning might have done to him in the past to make him feel so nervous whenever he shows up….?

Instead of a Spiderman reboot, why can't we have an entire movie of Spider-people?

It’s not like there’s not enough of them.

We got what?

Ultimate Spiderman
Scarlet Spider
- just off the top of my head

Venom and Carnage can be the antagonists

and before you say they’re different universes, hey, Marvel pulled Nick Fury and Clint’s family over from the Ultimate Universe, so obviously, they’re not super picky

Even better: possible Natasha cameo?