you know I’m not afraid of spiders. Not really. I have a scientific interest towards them and to a certain size I babytalk to them much like other animals. 

Now I found a really seldom species on my desk in the uni. That little fella could jump really far?? like several times his body size?? 
It was just about 4mm big with a lovely white branding on the back, scuttling on the loading cable of my laptop and jumping from one loop to the other. 

I caught him and got him out of the reach of screaming girls armed with heavy books, but I maybe should have kept him captured and got to a bio lab. Such a beautiful thingy. 

(I put him on one of the soil models that kind of equals his natural habitat. He’s freeeeee ) 

I liked Conway’s Spiral Part 2 storyline but I really think he messed up here. I guess even with the best writers, stuff just gets away from them sometimes.

First off, not only can people genuinely live with guilt like that but the writing here is again confused. He took a long time to think straight so he didn’t blame himself except the guilt never really goes away so he does blame himself..huh?

Secondly here, he is framing Peter’s guilt as leading him down a dark path where he projects the blame onto criminals and endlessly fights them to deal with that guilt. But…no…that…that is like literally not how it works. Spider-Man adopts guilt onto himself, he doesn’t project it onto others. He’s too  hard on himself if anything. Plus he isn’t truly motivated by guilt, but out of a sense of responsibility which LEADS to guilt, not the other way around. As in he’d still be Spider-Man even if he was absolved of that guilt.

I love me some Conway but he made a snaffu here. Still, it’s not as bad as the mischaracterisation everyone else seems to lumber him with these days.

fairithilien asked:

Are there breeders you can get captive bred/hatched jumping spiders from? I'm really starting to want one, but I'd feel a bit bad grabbing one from outside. Though I saw a gorgeous girl a couple days ago that sorely tempted me. I'm also considering catching/buying a few to let loose in my apartment. Mosquitos here carry west Nile and I love the little jumpers. Would that be feasible and safe for them? I know they can be great house spiders, but I don't know about introducing them for that?

I’ve read books where the authors have described living along spiders in their houses, and in their experience keeping jumping spiders has proven successful. And I do know for a fact that even small jumping spiders can go after mosquitoes. Look at this little zebra I found a few weeks ago:

And the only site I know of off the top of my head for buying jumpers is, but I’m sure there are more. And there are always individual sellers on Arachnoboards.

Best of luck to you!


Me whilst watching the Reichenbach Fall:

Beware the Ides of Spiders

((Wait…what the hell?!?))

Feeling unsatisfied with the fact that Mephisto managed to side step his pursuit for answers again, Yukio begrudgingly agrees to follow his orders in reporting all of this to Shura as soon as possible to keep her updated of the situations.

But just when it looks like things will go back to being relatively stable and peaceful around here, Shima spikes the tension up to full throttle as he decides to make an inquiry of his own with his “teacher.”

Based on what he’d learned from Toudou in his clash with Yukio, he saw something that he didn’t expect to happen when he nearly killed him. 

And what’s more Shima, for some reason, has knowledge of the fact that Yukio had once seen Lucifer in the flesh, despite the fact he’d never personally met him except for that day when he was wearing the mask and was confronting Mephisto.

Just what is there connection here?!

Was Shima actually lying after all and was actually working for the Illuminati? Or is he doing this for True Cross to protect them? Did they make a mistake? Did Mephisto do this on purpose again to continue his grand scheme? And Yukio ACTUALLY saw Lucifer at that time when his demon blood kicked in? WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN KATO?! WHAT DOES THIS ALL FREAKIN MEAN?!?!

((Man, this is just ‘GOOOD’ storytelling from another brilliant mangaka. It’s like a rollercoaster where the ride seems smooth and slow, but then suddenly does a drop that has your heart stopping.))

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