New Update

is specific to each individual blog, you must block them individually on main blogs and side blogs. 

       blocked users:

  • cannot follow your blog
  • cannot send asks or fanmails 
  • cannot see your posts on the Dash
  • cannot like, reblog, or reply to your posts 

                          - tested by R. they get a pop up that says they can’t do it. 

  • cannot search your blog in their search bars 

they can however still go to your blog and see your posts but they’ll never be able to interact with you if you never want them to so now they really are nothing more than insignificant voices who have nothing better to do with their time. 

To everyone here in the community who is having problems with anon hate and such, you can now trust the block system. Please make use of it. I know you might tell yourself that you shouldn’t need to protect yourself but people can be cruel and no one deserves that, please do not subject yourself to unnecessary bullying and abuse. 

We love you and wish you a good day, fandom. 

                   – TTPers Assemble! :D 

4 for you tumblr. 

tbh a lot of the fun home fans are hella rude/condescending towards other musicals and their fans. Is it a groundbreaking musical? Yes. Is it good to see representation in media? Definitely. Does that mean I’m obliged to like it more than Something Rotten! or An American in Paris? Hell no. I’ve seen some really rude things comparing SR to trash or pointing out a particular line regarding a ‘penis and a genius’ somehow symbolizing the entire show, but it’s simply not true. SR! is a hilarious, crowd-pleasing piece of theatre made by two men who’ve never written a musical before (Even as a member of the lgbt community, if it came down to it I’d rather see SR) and it deserves just as many tony noms as Fun Home or any other nominated musical.


Actually, not… really? I’m all for praising and supporting anyone interested in any form of fine arts but there is a difference between someone who’s spent every dollar in their pocket towards growing as a professional, who’s whole life revolves around drawing–and someone who draws 2 second pencil doodles on post-it notes when they’re bored.

There’s a difference between those who have gone bankrupt due to their dedication to a practically fruitless profession, and dabbling on spare paper every once in a blue moon.

just a reminder i have avpd n as much as i want to interact w all you guys, i can’t a lot of the time n it really stresses me out 💫

I hate it when people try to justify their issue with transgenders by saying “God made you the way you are for a reason.” Then those same people go and get body modifications.

If a person can get piercings and tattoos, dye their hair, unnaturally tan their body, etc., without going against ‘the way God made them’, then why can’t others identify as another gender and change their bodies without being judged and hated or told their religious beliefs are illegitimate? Every person is entitled to make whatever changes they want to their body.

I really just don’t understand people.

anonymous asked:

Stop posting about yourself no one cares

My friends care. ^_^
Also, there is this thing where you can unfollow blogs you don’t like.
It’s pretty cool.

p.s. I can easily call you out (location & mobile IP) but I won’t sink to your level. I’m sorry that you feel so sad to message someone this. I feel like you think no one cares about yourself. But I highly doubt that its true. Someone always cares. Even I care. 

"God hates fags, queers are all going to hell!"

Umm?? I don’t know??? I’m bisexual, practically have a boyfriend, I pray to God and He answers my prayers??? So don’t tell me my God hates me when I clearly see and feel Him show me love and mercy on a daily basis????? Thanks????????????? Bye.

I have art on Tumblr that Deviantart has never seen

I have art on Deviantart that Tumblr has never seen

But neither sites will see most of the shit that’s sent on Skype

So don’t come to me complaining that I don’t draw as often

Just because I’m not posting art here doesn’t mean that I’m not drawing constantly.

Anons, maybe if you read some of my posts, you’d know I don’t have wifi.
Calm the fuck down.
I will post shit whenever the fuck I want to.