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Your "Things I Want" list gives me life but why don't you like the twins? :(

Why? Because they helped kill Boyd. Because they were part of the Alpha Pack that killed Erica. The Alpha Pack that kept Boyd and Cora locked in a vault for months. The Alpha Pack that terrorized, abused and hurt Derek. Because Aiden beat the shit out of Cora. Because Ethan is lying to Danny and getting him into danger and Danny has no idea. Because Aiden thinks he can play with Lydia (boy you’re in for a surprise.) Because they were supposed to be the bad guys for a reason. Because they are selfish and only think of one thing, themselves. And because I hate the idea of the twins joining Scott’s pack when they have Erica’s and Boyd’s blood in their hands.

i know these probably get annoying, and i’m not trying to get attention, i just wanna do this. i this gets 1500 notes, i’ll get rid of all the things i use to cut. i just wanna know that someone cares enough to stop me from cutting. okay yeah. 

I see this post going around and it really makes me grind my teeth.

I really can’t stand Anders, so obviously nobody wants to hear what I have to say about this.

But what really bothers me about it is that IN REAL LIFE, we ALSO apply the label of terrorist really really really selectively, as in if people with the wrong skin color or the wrong religion do something, it’s terrorism, but if a white guy does it, it’s just random violence.  (note: those are actual news articles about shootings, trigger warnings apply)

And that lets us just ignore systemic patterns of behavior because we have some prejudiced ideal about What Terrorists Look Like. (Again, actual news articles, disturbing, trigger warnings.)

It bothers me in the game because if it had been Velanna in his place, someone visually Othered and racially oppressed in the game world, we would not hesitate to call her a terrorist for a single minute. But blonde human Anders is a freedom fighter, and NOT a terrorist, not even a little bit, nope, never.


I don’t care if you think what Anders did is right. ALL terrorists think what they’re doing is right. All terrorists are acting against an overpowered system that they have no hope of defeating any other way. You can still like and defend Anders but acting like everyone else is out of bounds for pointing out that what he does is the very definition of terrorism is not reasonable.

The whole "Ice Queen" thing

Figured I should throw in my $0.25 on this.

Is it a problem that Jaune keeps going after Weiss after she’s said she’s not interested in him? Yes. Yes it is.

Now let’s step back and take a look at Jaune. He’s said before that he has masculine bullshit in his head (though not in those exact words). We know that he lets it affect him.

We also know that he was told by a family member that he looks up to and wants to be like that all women look for is confidence. He then sees Neptune stroll in and deliver the exact same lines to Weiss that he used a while ago, except with confidence. Lo and behold, it works! So if he has confidence and tries again, it’ll work for him too, because women look for confidence, right?

This is what Jaune has been taught, so this is what he does. It doesn’t make it right by any stretch of the imagination.

We also know that Jaune is capable of learning. He occasionally needs to be whacked with a clue-by-four for that process to start, but he can learn from his mistakes.

Because of that - because he can learn - I’m waiting until the end of this particular arc before I get upset. I’m going to hope that another character - doesn’t matter whom, so long as it’s someone Jaune will listen to - pulls him aside and gives him a solid lesson on how no means no. Because Jaune is dumb and occasionally needs things spelled out for him, but he will learn given the opportunity.

So I’m going to wait until the end of this story arc. I’m going to hope that this gets resolved in a satisfactory way. I’m going to hope it’ll be framed as a lesson to Jaune, so that younger viewers will also learn that same lesson (because let’s be real, there are younger viewers here, and seeing someone learn and accept that no means no would hopefully be influential in a good way).

I’m going to wait to see what the larger picture is. I’m going to hope.

And if it pans out poorly, I’ll make my opinions known to the people who have the power to shape the next season.

I decided to create this topic to discuss if it is possible to redeem Arya (if yes then how?).

I, for example, think that if she meets a strong and honourable man who will love her (maybe even Gendry), then that man can make her stop being a serial killer (even forcibly if needs be), and save her.

what isn’t wrong with this?!

I am literally in shock at how repulsive, stupid, and utterly infuriating this is.

For starters, let it be known that all a traumatized, orphaned, abused, PTSD-suffering young girl needs is a “strong and honorable man who will love her… [to] save her”. All we need is men to save us from ourselves, amirite ladies?! “Forcibly if need be”, because that’s what abuse victim, former slave, and perpetually-without-agency Arya also needs, not just a man to set her straight, but a man willing to force her to do as he wants.

Great message, thanks a lot for that one.

Second, do you not understand the concept of “redemption” or “serial killer”? 

Serial killer:

A person who murders 3+ people over a period of > 30 days, with a n inactive period between each murder, and whose motivation for killing is largely based on psychological gratification. x

From the time period (over the course of 2+ years, she’s killed 7 plus the people she fought Lorch’s men, which we don’t have a number on as Arya’s fighting for her life) to the reasoning (“psychological gratification”? there’s nothing gratified about Arya’s dreams and shame over the deaths, not to mention most every one are life or death,) this is just absurd. Not to mention that the term “serial killer” can’t possibly be applied in this fantasy world. Ned’s a serial killer then, so is Jaime, Robert, Robb, countless individuals. This is a series where death is often used as justice and it’s a freaking warzone everywhere.

And redeem Arya? Redeem Arya?! From what? Killing in self-defense/for her life and also killing a couple of the worst scum of the series.God, please save us from the evil killer of such great folks like Raff the rapist Sweetling or sadistic I-get-off-on-your-pain torturer the Tickler or nasty deserter who forfeited his life by law and would have been killed by Ned/Jon had they had the ability to Dareon. You’re right, these are the guys who need the defense; their lives deserve it.

Arya needs a man to see the error of her ways, for sure. Like lol wasn’t that Raff such a great guy, how could she want to kill him? Sure he killed kids, raped girls, and laughed at people’s pain, but like he’s the real victim here, don’t forget.

Forget the more innocent people who’ve been killed, attempted to be killed or are just desired to be killed by characters such as Catelyn, Jaime, Tyrion, Cersei, Brienne, Ned, Jon, Dany, and so on. When they do it, it’s not really killing- even if the people dead by their hands aren’t depicted as the irredeemable abusive trash that Arya takes on- they have their reasons. With Arya, she’s just a psychopathic irredeemable serial killer. 

Arya is the one in need of redemption, obviously, how dare she possibly want to kill rapists, torturers, and/or sadistic murderers who delight in hurting people after being the victim of countless incidents of abuse, trauma, pain, suffering, and the like for years.



I can only read that Sonic is wishing for ‘CHILI DOGS CHILI DOGS CHILI DOGS’ and that Shadow is, of course, shouting Maria’s name



Mephiles is probably saying something like ‘I want that hedgehog dead’ or ‘I want to rule the world’

quick note because I’ve been getting messages about it: yes I do know about what happened last night in a certain show involving a certain character.

I’m just waiting a couple of days before posting about it in order to try and let everyone who watches the show see that episode before they see a spoiler if that is even possible because the news is pretty much EVERYWHERE

So yeah, a couple of days :)

I find it really telling that Ward stans can only relate to Ward and his abusive background, but when you bring up the fact that Skye, a Chinese-American woman, has almost certainly gone through the same background due to her time in foster care, combined with canon neglect and emotional abuse, they’re really quick to dismiss that as fanon, not canon, and talk about how it doesn’t count with Skye because the show didn’t spell it out as clearly as it did with Ward. Skye only talked about it, you can only infer it from the way she behaves and what she says and the way she doesn’t trust people, but it doesn’t count because it wasn’t in flashbacks like it was with Ward.

And Ward stans who didn’t argue that fact still just sat by and didn’t say anything to defend Skye, a character they supposedly love and ship with Ward. They let her pain get diminished and erased, and still argued for Ward’s redemption, and no one sees the problem with this.

I’m gonna be an asshole again, and point out that this is exactly why you always interrogate your media and examine how a character’s whiteness and maleness shapes your opinions.

Because if you’re dismissing and erasing a WOC’s abusive background to argue for the redemption of a straight, white, conventionally attractive man, if you’re actually arguing that some abuse, like the one your white male character has, is more real and important than other abuse, like the ones your Chinese-American female character has, then your argument instantly becomes invalid and you’re kind of a shitty person for ever making it in the first place.

You’re prioritizing a white man’s pain over a Chinese-American woman’s pain, and you don’t see a problem with that, even though that happens in the media and fandom all the time. And you’re telling actual survivors of neglect and emotional abuse that their abuse doesn’t count as abuse because you said so.

That is absolutely shitty, and you should be ashamed that you actually said that or tacitly supported that.

And until Ward stans actually start calling out the shittier aspects of their defense squad, like the parts that erase Skye’s background and dismiss other forms of abuse as not valid, I’m not going to trust that your defenses of Ward are not motivated by his whiteness, his maleness, and his handsomeness. You have already proven that you’ll only stan for tragic, handsome white men and their pain, and not for women of color and their tragic background of abuse, neglect, and trust issues.