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Okay so I am breathing again.

Like, I know, they are not okay, and there is still the mark and there is still the trauma and things were said and done that should and will be dealt with. 


Dean is Dean, and I missed him so much SO MUCH! He is smiling, and although the smile doesn’t reach his eyes, he looks like he is trying so hard to be back, to be okay, to make amends, like he is so happy they’ve got  a case, together. 

And Sam. Sam looks healthier, he looks like he has been getting some sleep and some organic salad and although he is hurt and traumatized, he is happy to have his brother back, HE SAVED HIS BROTHER, he did it, and it’s because of him that they can get the case TOGETHER. 

I am so happy. 

So so happy. 

And this is an Adam Glass’ episode, and there will be parallels, and addressing the boys emotional state, and this is going to be so good I can feel it. 

Okay hi quick update for my own records and maybe you guys are interested idk??? So Wednesday I have a meeting with the school board to officially change my pronouns and on school records and get all my teachers informed of my transition. My moms on the phone right now setting up a meeting with an endocrinologist at Yale Medical Center to get me on hormone blockers and eventually T. This feels really really good buds, and I’m super happy for all the support I’m gettin.

guysssssss I’m not Lorde!! I’m just a fan :) I’m still getting messages that are meant for Ella and I feel really bad when I have to redirect people to her actual tumblr - she’s lordemusic

have a lovely day :”)

I was tagged by the really wonderful skeletonstucky to list 15 things that make me happy and tag 15 people. (sry for doing it so late oh dear)

1. my room
2. staying late in bed yeaa
3. when teachers release class really early
4. RAIN or really nice and cooling weather 
5. soup and tea 
6. my grandparents
7. awesome fanfics that are fucking completed yeees
8. vacations and touring overseas
9. uhmmm cats
10. really. good. soundtracks.
15. AND ALL YOU GUYS ON TUMBLR YEA (thank youu btw)

I’m tagging: hail-fandom turtlesplashstorm the-secondstartothe-right blxckwidoww motherofshield bannerstark fili-the-vanilli lovemarcy10 im-only-joking lokisaphrodite stuckybuns infinityfishbowl thebuckyrogers tthorgasm spookystcrk ( obvs its fine to ignore ;) )


Yo guys! I’m gonna hanging out at YoumaCon, November 1st!

I’ll be cosplaying as,

Komaru Naegi (for the Dangan Ronpa Another Episode cosplay group that’ll be going on during the con)

And then later on I’ll be Fukami!

I’ll also be chilling with this rad nerd who’s gonna be cosplaying as Taichi Fujisaki and Wadanohara later on!

If you’re there on the 1st and see us feel free to say hi! We’d be happy to meet you!

It's Coming

Tomorrow, storiesintheashes and I are posting our DCU Big Bang fic. I am so freaking pleased with how it turned out.

It’s based at incogneat-oh's fic Roses for Red (Robin), so if you haven’t read it (or need an excuse to reread her fics), you should totally go do that.

I’ll be reblogging it and posting links to it on LJ, AO3, and FFN (for all your viewing pleasures).

I hope you all like it!


anonymous said:

Oh, you're going to a Hetalia day meetup? That's super cool! I hope you have lots of fun!

(( Aww, thank you dear! It’s just going to be a small one, but we plan for it to be fun!

According to the Hetalia Day Directory, there’s never been an ‘official’ meet up in either Kentucky or West Virginia, and the closest one to me would be the one in Columbus Ohio, which is too far away for me to do. ;~; 

So some friends and I are having our own little meet up, and if all goes well, maybe we’ll try to be bigger next year. ^-^” We’ll see. This is sort of a test run, eheh. ))