not really but y'know

“hey, take a pic of me and this cool car”

“calum, u don’t even have your license. u can’t drive”

“just take the fucking picture, it makes me look cool”

“ur taking a picture next to a car you can’t drive, you are everything but cool”

I still can’t comprehend just how small the Criminal Minds fandom on tumblr is. I mean, we have the most obscure fandoms on this site, yet I can only find a handful of people that even mention it on their blogs, when it’s such a dark and wonderful show? You people love serial killers and adorkable little geniuses (aka Spencer Reid) and eye candy (Shemar Moore and Kirsten Vangsness and A.J. Cook and Thomas Gibson and the whole freakin’ cast!)! Why does no one else seem to watch this show?!