The amount of people who comment on a well-thought out, well-researched and sourced piece of care advice for an animal saying they did the exact thing it says not to do and they “seemed fine” will never cease to amaze me.


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Do you ever just see a thing that reminds you of something you miss so much you kinda want to rip your heart out and cry a bit but you still smile because you remember how happy you were at that time and yeah?


The fact that I met my precious friends here in Hinamizawa, that is the miracle of this story

babies are the scariest fucking thing in the world because you know how easy it is to accidentally kill a baby. cant leave it in two inches of water alone because it could drown. cant drop a baby from more than four feet in the air because itll crack open its entire head AND if you grab it in midair you might as well change your name to spiderman because that baby is gwen stacy and you just snapped its fucking neck. theres even a medical term for how easy it is to kill babies. you know what its called?? SUDDEN INFANT DEATH SYNDROME. where infants just SUDDENLY DIE. and you know what causes it??? NOBODY KNOWS


nerdaneliswa said: oh lord please give me feanor/nerdanel for number 7 (7= kiss on the lips (passionate))

It’s not Friday yet but: Pre-marriage Feanor and Nerdanel as dorks in love; IDEK I just think that after all the forge teasing they should go to the next stage, like actually dating? 

MTMTE cast drinking headcanons:

Rodimus: Daredevil drunk, almost always blacks out. Wakes up the next day in some place about 500 miles from where he started with no memory of how he got there, as well as about a dozen different vine-like videos of him propositioning his transportation there by flirting, “back at it again at krispy kreme” style stunts, and him taking body shots off of any bot that’ll let him.

Whirl: Handsy drunk. Such a handsy drunk. His lack of actual hands does nothing to dissuade this. A lot of bots don’t even notice though because Whirl never claimed to be about personal space, regardless of sobriety. Constantly trying to start bar brawls. 

Drift: Will drink a couple drinks from the bar, but then a lot of times breaks out his own hippie juice because it’s “better for his aura” or some such nonsense. If its the kind of hippie juice meant to get him blitzed out he also gets handsy, though nowhere near Whirl’s level. Him and Rodimus make out on a dare.

Brainstorm: Gets really focused on the minute. Comes up with some brilliant invention that will show up Perceptor forever, for real this time, and wakes up in his lab with either a completed mini-black hole generator or scrap metal welded together in the shape of a rude hand gesture. No inbetweens.

Cyclonus: Just sits there quietly, seemingly unaffected. Will not drunkenly sing unless asked, in which case he will sing boisterously to the point of hurting others. 

Ultra Mangus: Sad drunk, 100% canon txt it.

Chromedome: Doesn’t drink. 

Rewind: Will have a drink or two but won’t get drunk. Prefers to stay sober so he can record everyone else for posterity. 

Skids: A fun drunk, loves drinking games. Tends to know his limit more often than not. The only bot I would recommend drinking with from this list.

Swerve: A talkative drunk. Talkative and loud. Basically his normal personally amped up. Tends to save the liquor for others though, since he works the bar. Also prone to blacking out. 

Tailgate: Whatever general emotional state he’s in at the time, revved up to eleven. This tends to leave him a happy and giggling drunk, but if for whatever reason he decides to drink while upset, expect mopey Tailgate ala issue #13.

Ratchet: Kind of a… horny drunk, though he never quite understands what’s happening. He’ll basically be his usual grumpy self but slightly louder, and then Drift will walk by and he’ll think to himself “Dang that bot has got a nice butt.” Then he’ll think to himself, “Wait, why did I just think that?” and put the thought aside, not realizing it’s because he’s a 4 million year old bot with some needs.

Optimus: Angry drunk. (Remember this is IDW Optimus we’re taking about.) Tends to get all cop-mode and intimidate people with his authority and gravitas without even realizing it. 

Megatron: Philosophical drunk. He’ll go on about how the Deceptions were so close to reaching Cybertron’s real Golden Age, listen alright, just listen you silly Autobot, we were fighting for the liberation of all Cybertronians, we were combating against a corrupt Senate, it was so important and it was so grand. Will try and debate pre- and post-war politics while slightly slurring his words. 

These are the easy ones. Some of them are just pure headcanon based on absolutely nothing concrete, but I will stand by the Optimus, Rodimus, and Whirl interpretations until the day I die. 


Guild Wars 2: Living World Season 2 

Entanglement - Episode 2 (x)
"There are secrets hidden within the newly revealed area of Dry Top, just waiting to be discovered. Continue your adventures in the Maguuma Wastes and take a stand alongside your fellow heroes against an ancient, growing threat."

Jonathan Toews and Viktor Stalkberg skating together into the sunset towards Corey Crawford after the WCF Game 1 win vs. L.A. on 6/1/13.

OK BUT REALLY IMAGINE when Kageyama and Hinata go to University together

  • They’re used to everyone knowing that they’re a matched pair, so they don’t bother telling anyone that they’re dating
  • so one day when a guy in Kageyama’s class asks if they’re gay, the only thing he can get out is “I’m not gay” before the guy hurries away
  • but what he really meant was “I’m not gay, I’m not anything. Hinata is the only exception to my general distaste for romantic/physical relationships” because Hinata is the only person he’s ever felt attracted to in any way
  • so of course Kageyama notices the same guy plus several others getting REAL friendly towards Hinata and he doesn’t know what to do. High School is a lot different from a really large Uni in a big city, there are a lot more people who are open about their sexual identities, so he doesn’t know how to deal with what he considers “competition”
  • Hinata doesn’t notice anything until someone asks him on a date and he’s like “WOAH WOAH WOAH” because he just thought guys from the city were just nice people??? he doesn’t know that Kageyama told someone that he’s gay but that Kageyama isn’t (more or less)
  • also Yachi dresses Hinata (they always go shopping together and she tells him what to buy and wear because the boy is hopeless) but Kageyama doesn’t like wearing what Yachi picks out for him because sporty clothes are “more comfortable” SO Hinata always looks dapper and Kageyama looks… less dapper. To get down to it, Hinata looks approachable and cute a lot of the time, which attracts more people to him
  • not that Kageyama doesn’t have people who are interested in him!! It just sorta switches from High School, from when girls would confess to Kageyama (up until maybe the middle of second year when they realized that he was taken) to people being more interested in Hinata. Kageyama doesn’t mind that less people pay attention to him, but he does care about how Hinata is making a lot of ‘friends’
  • Hinata ends up resolving the situation by holding Kageyama’s hand around campus (and maybe giving Kags a couple cheek kisses before class too) until people realize that yes the Volleyball Freshmen are indeed gay - for each other

anonymous said:

Do you actually still believe that SQ is endgame? How?

How? I watched the show.

I saw two women whose lives inevitably collided, two women who were never given real choices, two women who learned to close themselves off from love, and who learned to love again with the help of the same child. I saw two women with the immense capability to love, despite being deprived of it all their lives. I saw two women who challenged each other in every way. I saw two women who might not agree on anything, but who would always work together when it came to their son.

I was told true love is the most powerful magic of all, the only magic capable of transcending realms and breaking any curse. And then I saw these two women literally make magic together, and not any magic, but magic that transcended realms.

I saw Emma meet Regina’s mother in the same episode I saw Snow meet Charming’s mother. I saw a whole episode dedicated to Emma’s first love, tragically lost, followed immediately by a whole episode dedicated to Regina’s first love, tragically lost. I saw Emma repeat Regina’s response that she had “once” been in love, something only the two of them have ever done. I saw Daniel tell Regina to love again.

I saw Regina tell Henry that Cora would destroy everything she loves, and then I saw Cora try and kill Emma, in the same way she killed the last person Regina loved. I saw Cora repeat her mantra to Emma, for only the second time ever, since killing Daniel. I saw Emma disprove that destructive belief, which Regina had held onto throughout her darkest years.

I saw Regina risk her life to make sure Emma got home for Henry, and I saw her miraculously survive what we were told no one could. I saw Emma’s journey in FTL bookended by her and Regina saving each other. I saw Emma finally make it home, to Henry and Regina.

I saw Emma invite Regina to dinner, smile when she arrived, and stand up for her against the entire town. I saw Regina look at Emma the way I’ve only ever seen her look at Daniel. I heard her apologize to Emma, in exactly the way she once apologized to Daniel. I saw the fragile beginnings of a new relationship, and I saw that Cora knew the best way to break Regina was to destroy what was only just beginning between her and Emma.

I saw Regina being friendly, trying to move forward. I saw her pleading to Emma, and only to Emma. I saw how she knew Emma would listen like no one else would. I saw Emma believe in Regina just like David believed in Mary Margaret. I heard Emma say she wasn’t the Evil Queen, she was just Regina. I heard Emma say exactly what David had said about Mary Margaret in the same situation, “I know her.”

I saw that Emma believed in Regina and, just like David, she only lost faith when she couldn’t find any other explanation (though certainly not for lack of trying). I saw how hurt Regina was, how angry Emma was. I saw the emotion between the two of them, the kind of heartbreak that doesn’t exist between two people who don’t care deeply about one another.

I saw Regina’s eagerness to prove her innocence not only to Henry, but to Emma as well. I saw Emma still plead with Regina, even when it seemed hopeless to everyone else, Emma still believed in her, she still tried. And when it got worse, I saw how Emma’s loss of faith in Regina hurt her even more, and drove her to do the right thing, even if only to prove her wrong.

I saw that the curse never made Regina happy. I saw that she was lonely, bored, eager for company and a real challenge. I saw that everything she had wanted out of life, the “happy ending” she thought the curse would bring, was actually given to her by Emma.

When Regina was taken, I saw Emma’s genuine concern, and I heard her promise Henry they would find her. I saw Regina say goodbye to Henry, repeating the words Emma had said to her earlier, words that had clearly stuck with her. I saw Regina decide to sacrifice herself, finally trusting Emma to take care of their son. And, yet again, I saw Regina look at Emma the same way she looked at Daniel.

I saw that Emma didn’t want to leave Regina to die, I saw her plead for any other way. I saw Regina express sadness at only being seen as the Evil Queen, to the one person who had only ever seen her as Regina. I saw Emma wanting to save her again, but agreeing to put Henry first, like any good parents would. I saw that Henry’s two moms didn’t want him to grow up alone and unloved, just as they had.

I saw how little convincing it took for Emma to take a chance on saving Regina, and how her only struggle was because she and Regina had agreed it was most important to save Henry. I saw her eyes widen at the words “love” and “strong” and connect it to the day Cora had tried to take her heart, as she had once taken Daniel’s.

I saw that important scene directly correlated to the climax of the season, when Emma realized that she and Regina could be strong enough to save the entire town together. I saw them do magic, a familiar mixture of blues, purples, and pinks. I saw them stop something that had been declared more than once as something no one could ever stop.

I saw the season end as it had begun, with Emma, Regina and magic. I saw the most thrilling moment of the mid-season finale had been written to be called back in this moment, when Emma realizes that love is strength and she and Regina are stronger together. I saw the most important scenes of the season all come back to these two, their magic, their strength, and their love. I can only assume it’s because they’re laying the foundations for something incredible to be explored further.

And that’s not even everything.

How can I believe anything else?


—I’ll see ya when I see ya. After all, we’re friends now. Get it memorized.

—Okay, Lea.

"I love you, Daddy! And you too, Rohan! Now pass it on, please~"



things that make me inexplicably happy: Nikki Sixx and his unconditional love for the very handsome Leica Sixx

My dog Leica was a Birthday/Christmas present last year and he gets me outta the house and gets the clutter outta my head daily.  It’s the same with music but honestly I think it’s just a love thing.  I do love this guy.  There is a reason they say a dog is mans best friend.