So over Dullena pushing its way into Bamon moments.

And fuck Elena at this point.

She has got to be the shittiest friend on this entire show. Bonnie has literally given her life for her, showing time and time again that she cares about her and values their friendship, while Elena has really done nothing for her in return. And now that she found out that Bonnie is alive, she says she wants to bring her back so that she can ask her for relationship advice? 


Shouldn’t you want her back because she’s your supposed bestie and you love her? And that you want her to be safe and have a happy life? I know the writers didn’t intend for her to sound like the most selfish thot on the planet when they wrote that line, but that’s seriously what it sounded like. Goddamn Elena is so conceited!

And about Dullena showing up where it’s not wanted (in Bamon moments). I am so sick of it. First Elena interrupts Damon’s voicemail to Bonnie, which just ruined the whole fucking scene for me, even though I tried not to let it. Now she’s the only topic they discussed while being on the Other Side? Does Julie Plague really expect us to believe that all Damon and Bonnie talked about for four fucking months was Elena? I mean … there’s bullshit, and then there’s bullshit.

And girl bye to Elena for asking Damon to find Bonnie with her, as if he wasn’t doing that in the first place, and as if he would only be doing it as a favor to her. Bitch, what the fuck do you think he’s been doing this entire episode? Why the fuck do you think he ditched Friendsgiving? And who the fuck do you think you are? Not everything is about you Elena. Did it ever occur to you that he may have been looking for Bonnie for Bonnie’s sake? Because he cares for her and wants her to be safe? Because she’s special to him and he wants to be there for her? That probably is a foreign concept to you, considering the fact that you and everyone else only thinks of Bonnie when she’s needed to save everyone’s ass. And this may come as a shock to you, but not every good thing Damon does is to get access to your Golden Coochie. You really fucking tried it, Elena. Have a stadium full of seats and sit your self-centered ass down somewhere. Fuck outta here.


I really hope that when Bonnie comes back, she realizes that these people don’t give a damn about her except for Jeremy (to an extent - he hasn’t lifted a finger to look for her, he just used her death as an excuse to act like a douchebag, but that’s a topic for another day) and now Damon. She should realize this and decide to look out for herself more and stop sacrificing herself for people who wouldn’t do the same for her. It’ll be positive character development on her part.

Sorry for the rant Bamily. I just wasn’t here for the ending of that scene. I went from smiling at Damon lighting up when he was reminiscing about he and Bonnie’s time together in 1994 to raging at Elena’s ass. This show brings out so many feels, negative and positive.

Oliver is desperately clinging to the parts of himself that make him Oliver Queen. By reaching out to Diggle, he’s learning not lose himself in pain. He’s learning the way to survive pain is by being with the people you love & letting them love you in return. Oliver is learning how to be both Oliver & The Arrow. He’s learning how to live his life. No, he doesn’t have Felicity but Oliver has to put himself together first before he can truly be with Felicity. Felicity isn’t the first piece to this puzzle…She’s the last.