Fact: the odds of being struck by lightning in a lifetime are 1 in 300
US park ranger Roy Selvan was struck 7 times in a span of 35 years
He said the first strike felt like alchemy; flesh turned flame
Referred to lightning as a cold blooded fire
Roy’s hair bristled, stood on end like rigor mortis
A sign of the positive charges flowing through his body

Fact: 70% of all survivors suffer long term effects
The fourth encounter was hard for Roy to recall
Memory loss
A shoulder not raised correctly in 23 years
Nerve damage
A singed strip of flesh across the canvas of his thigh
Second degree burn
Roy grew to believe that an unseen force wanted him dead

Fact: 20% of all victims die from impact
Human beings can handle a significant amount of voltage it’s the current that kills them
Currents take the path of least resistance
Should that path be across your chest your heart will stop
Roy’s heart never stopped, it called deaths bluff behind a glass pane chest

Fact: Roy Selvan survived up to seven trillion watts in his lifetime but died of a self inflicted gun shot wound
Unrequited love
A woman reminded him that he was still human
She hated the resistance she saw inside his chest

Theory: she was not a metaphor
Her tongue was a fire that turned his flesh into candlewick

Fact: lightning strikes at one third the speed of light
He saw the bolts were the color of the eyes that broke him

Question: how conductive was the irony that the day you pulled the trigger there wasn’t a cloud in sight