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spent all day making hetalia playing cards, im only posting the facecard transparencies though

part 2


"I dreamed that i was old."


He-Ate-Us Meme: [2/2] Minor Characters

Franklyn Froideveaux

[In this Michael Jackson fantasy, how is your friendship returned?]

I just get to touch greatness.


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Act 19

Do all teachers believe that introverts don’t exist or

We are people with feelings, too. We are aware of others’ feelings and try to reach out to them when they are hurting or protect them from pain. This comes naturally and we can’t not care when we sense someone else’s pain. It sometimes hits us when we are in deep pain ourselves and feel the need of human support, how alone we are. I feel so selfish writing this, but it probably needs to be said. We realize others are most likely unaware that we are hurting, but we may long for, or even inaccurately expect, others to be able to read our unspoken pain the way we read that of others. Our most desperate heart’s cry is often for someone to protect us the way we try to protect others, to sense our pain and reach out to comfort us without being asked. What we give to others is how we would want to be treated. Sometimes the world feels painfully one-sided in this respect.
—  emerald sea on INFJs

I’m peeking my head out from behind the Homestuck again for a moment, because announcing things makes it seem like I’ll be held to them maybe?

No more Homestuck or wine till I finish at least one problem set tonight. I’m trying to do it w/out having bf block the website until I show him a completed assignment, but it helps to know that is a possibility.

Also, dang, today has been a day.