i’m gonna say it again since some people don’t seem to get it. making blue eyed edits of poc who naturally do not have them IS RACIST because it erases their looks and upholds white european standards of beauty that everyone must measure up to. not to mention it’s just a shitty thing to do???? like i genuinely don’t get how difficult this is so understand tbh.

I’m actually rather enjoying Clara’s relationship with Twelve. I like their chemistry and the banter.

Which is entirely the opposite of how I felt about Clara with Eleven.

It’s like how Rose was so fucking awesome with Nine and a selfish fucking moron with Ten. Some combinations just work

I’m really tired of interviewers bigging up the fact that they’re interviewing a guest who they know to be popular with groups of people

then trying their best to coax said guest to badmouth fans so they can get some kind of juicy condemnation to run as their totally-original-and-not-at-all-out-of-context headline

like genuinely, who do the interviewers think is actually reading/watching their interview

it wouldn’t happen to be those crazy/obsessive/weird/insert-offensive-adjective-of-choice fans, would it???

hums angrily bc i just watched doctor who & like. i rly dont like storylines that just go round in a circle like the doctors scared of the dream where someone grabs his ankle but then it turns out that it was clara in his childhood that made him scared?? so why does everyone have the same dream?? why was claras timeline attached to dannys timeline and his ancestors? why was danny also orson like obvs he cant have been just an ancestor bc he looked & sounded exactly the same and thats not how genetics works? and why does gallifrey 1000+ years ago look like old-timey europe that makes 0 sense?

like it was an ep that was cool and spooky up to the end then it was a bit like moffat patting himself on the back and thinking hes so clever when nothing actually happened and they just went in a circle that was super anti-climactic and left loads of unanswered questions


Doctor Who’s Quinquagenary → Companions

“You will have realized, of course, that you’re not the only human who has traveled with me in the TARDIS. The Time Lords have often wondered why I bothered. After all, we are capable of living for thousands of years; you can barely reach a hundred. And they came up with a theory. They thought you were all memento mori. Reminders of death. Quite common things really. On Medieval Earth, courtiers would often keep skulls on their mantelpiece. No matter how powerful you were, death was inevitable. You still had to remember your mortality. Time Lords need to remember all the more. I denied that was the reason of course, and as you said, friendship, companionship. But over the years, over my many lifetimes, as my friends all left me one by one, I began to wonder that they really might have had a point after all.” -Eighth Doctor, Scherzo


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I’m still me


Sherlock series 3 quotes:
J: "I don’t mind."
S: "Any time."


"Al, you moron!! You don’t understand how Ed feels! What Ed was afraid to ask you… is whether or not you hated him for what happened!? Just who the heck would be prepared to give up his own life just to create a fake brother? Don’t you two… only have each other?"


"Fear makes you rude, Will."


#actual overprotective jealous softhearted puppy hyunsoo #the fact is i will never get over his character #never in the history of nevers #he could have been played by a bald fat guy for all i know and i’d still love him #asshole little whiny bitch that loves his best friend more than he loves himself#and this is one of my favorite scenes just because #he’s so into keeping his promise to byunghee and he wants jihyuk to keep the promise as well #because he knows that if jihyuk fails with byunghee it’d hurt as fuck #and hyunsoo doesn’t want jihyuk to get hurt #also hyunsoo is still secretly 12 and is not into girls yet #only the fairytale princess from the lord of the rings kind of girls #i love the ‘don’t change your tune later or i’ll beat the crap out of you’ line #because he actually keeps that promise #because he thinks jihyuk has failed with them and with the band and with HIM #’people who stir trouble always have a reason’ YES YOU WOULD KNOW WOULDN’T YOU HYUNSOO #i just love him so much #sob #bye

Favorite lad - Team Lads Because goodness knows you can choose a favorite out of this bunch.

*Insert Team Lads victory cry here*