On Easter, we had this tradition where an old man down the road would paint little ‘bunny’ prints along the sidewalk, as well as up to the door of every house where a child lives…and he’s done this every year, without fail, since before I was born.

Over the summer, that old man passed away, so no one in their right mind expected to see the tracks this year.  However, when I woke up- there they were!  

Turns out that his eighteen year old grandson (who happens to be known as the badass of our school) got up at three this morning and spent four hours- by himself -painting the prints; just to make sure that the neighborhood kids wouldn’t be disappointed.

My faith in our generation = restored. 

harry’s ‘i roll and i roll ‘til i’m out of luck’

vs. louis’ ‘i roll and i roll ‘til i change my luck’

is ACTUALLY killing me. is this not the perfect encapsulation of their self-worth?????

louis who’d never amount to anything and failed and got fired and had people let him down and hoped to jesus he’d find an x factor group because he could never make it as a solo artist, rolling and rolling until his luck changed

open wonderful harry who is so grateful and knows he is SO lucky for getting to do what he loves and just owning it, coming into himself and he’s gonna roll and roll until he’s out of luck, he’s gonna keep doing it until people don’t want him anymore

#au idea #harry styles is cupid #but since the traditional bow and arrow seem like a rather violent approach #he carries a bucket filled with Hearts #that he gently sprinkles on people’s heads #that’s it #that’s the au idea #i never said it was a clever idea (zarah5)


ps. happy valentine all!

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