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An Interview with Gwenda Bond Who Made Lois Lane a YA Fiction Hero

Earlier this year I broke the news that Lois Lane was getting her own YA book. Great news and for me a moment of serendipity given that Lois Lane is part of the reason I ended up majoring in Journalism in college. For the past 75 years Lois Lane has been the first lady of DC having appeared in every form of media from radio, TV and movies and even the Broadway stage. And now she’ll have her first standalone book. The writer Gwenda Bond has written a terrific new book that presents Lois Lane a teenage investigative reporter which makes it a perfect read for anyone but is aimed at the lucrative YA market. Bond’s Lois actually fits in quite well with Katniss and Tris - she’s filled with courage and out to change the world. I chatted with Bond about Lois and her book just ahead of it hitting the stands on May 1.

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BONUS “POLDARK OF THE MOON” UPDATE (2 of 2): “Deirdre! DEIRDRE! Fetch my pen! This challenge to Copernicus SHALL NOT STAND, I TELL YOU!”


They stayed that way for many moments. They might have even kissed.. but then Rosie heard Blanche calling for her, snapping both Kenji and herself out of their reverie. Rosie quickly rolled away without a word and went inside to find Blanche.

I feel like a lot of ppl who aren’t Latino don’t really…. Get……. That within the community it isn’t exactly well know that latino/hispanic is not a race but rather an ethnicity….


Title: Confessions
Author: lindsaylove-96
Rating: T (No cursing or sexual content, rating it just in case I missed something!) [I skimmed through it quick and it’s probably fine at K so I called it K+ putting it in the middle. Let us know if the rating needs to be changed?? ~*~ Rad]
Notes: After being apart for a few months, Reid and his ex-girlfriend have agreed to have lunch to talk about how roughly things ended. What they don’t expect is how all of the memories will come racing back..
Trigger warning: Breakup, otherwise none.
Word count: 1,769
Multishot: No. 

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I don’t think our generation truly understand how different our future is going to be.

There are a lot of things that are going to be very different in the distant future. Here’s a few:

Wake up, everyone. The world is changing. It’s seriously up to us to save it. (If you know of any more, please add on!)