Cultures undoubtedly rise and develop historically though the borrowing of different elements from other people, and if everyone had at all times said “No, you can’t take elements from x because we are group y” then there would be an insane lack of diversity found in the world. I reject the hypothesis that any single group of people have an exclusive claim over articles of clothing.

so I realized something.

i never really liked you.
I never was in love with talking to you.
I never felt I needed to soak up every second we were together.
Your kisses never made my heart leap.
what I did like was the colorful promising messages you left in my inbox.
carefully constructed letters that would eventually tear me apart.
I didn’t like you, I liked something that doesn’t exist, your personality behind a screen. something we make up and tell ourselves it’s us, but it’s not.
texting doesn’t show the way it makes me smile or blush and feel the palms of my hands warm when you say something sweet.
texting doesn’t show how you look away and bite your lip when you get nervous, or how you play with your hands when you’re uncomfortable.
texting doesn’t show you how my eyes crinkle in the corners when I laugh.
but mostly texting doesn’t show you someone.
it shows you what they want to be, not who they are.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I've just reread your Mr. Underhill story and I fell in love with it all over again. I absolutely adore the way you portray the characters. Especially Bilbo, Frerin and tough little Primula have wormed themselves into my heart. Do you still plan to write the sequel or have those plans been put on hold? 1000 Kudos, Guest

I’ll write a sequel when I feel like it. Or don’t. To be honest so far I haven’t really figured out a reason to why to write it. There’s been so many rewrites of the quest and I don’t really see the point in writing yet another. 

thx chvnced you’re my wife

Name: lol

Nicknames: laugh out loud

Birthday: nov. 22nd

Gender: female

Height: 5’6

Favorite colour: dark raspberry

Time and date at the current moment: 3:07 am jan. 26 2015

Average hours of sleep: 0-3

Lucky number: 6

Last thing I googled: nsfw meaning

First word that comes to mind: school

One place that makes me happy: knotts berry farm because xcelerator is my ride though…

How many blankets I sleep under: 2

Favorite fictional characters: riley and huey freeman, walter white, jesse pinkman, dexter morgan, paul spector, sutter keely

Favorite food: mac and cheese !!!

Last movie I saw in cinemas: the woman in black 2

Dream holiday: anywhere other than western australia

Dream wedding: lol

Dream job: lawyer/chemistry teacher

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