He lowered his bow when he heard the door open. Who could it be? Not one of the club members, they had no need to knock first. “Yes?” He looked over at the door, curious as to who it could be.

Stepping into the practice space, she was a little surprised to see someone in here, even though she shouldn’t have been. That was the reason she’d picked this door. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to disturb you. I was just looking for a bit of help.” However, this seemed much more interesting than choosing to go back to the nurse’s office. Surely no one was injuring themselves at the moment.

nosweetsnolife said:

"Hello Captain, I haven't seen you outside of club in a while.."

"Ah, Miyaji-kun!" Homare laughed as he saw the familiar blonde student, "Yes, it is rare that I get to see you outside of club, isn’t it? We’re in different years, after all. How are you doing, Miyaji-kun?"


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"Eh?" Azusa’s expression immediately drops into a frown. "You. Guess it was going to happen sooner or later."


"Well, hello Miyaji-senpai," he greets, voice practically dripping with sickly sweetness. "How’s your diet going, hm?"


Christmas Party!!

nosweetsnolife said: “Kinose-san….you did a good job.” He stood, admiring the decorations. Of course he noticed the mistletoe, but he held his tongue about it.

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seasonsmemories said: I’ll go to the party Kinose-kun! :)

The boy’s face brightened up in a kilowatt gin as he noticed the first few guests arrive. So his invitations hadn’t gone unnoticed after all. Victory! He resisted the urge to do a fistpump on the spot.

"Welcome to the party, senpai! Not everyone has arrived yet, and the food isn’t here get, but thanks for coming!" He burst out as he welcomed the girl, face practically glowing from happiness.

To his surprise, Miyaji was among one of the first arrivals as well. A good-humored smirk made its way onto the younger boy’s features at the older’s compliment. “Of course. Like you said, entertainment is my specialty, and I delivered didn’t I?” Taking a pause from this gloating, his smirk turned into a genuine smile. It was Christmas after all, wouldn’t kill him to stop bickering with the upperclassman for a few days. “But really, Miyaji-senpai. Thanks for coming. Be careful of the mistletoe!” he laughed.

Christmas Party!!

Today was just full of victories wasn’t it? Was it just an illusion of Azusa’s mind, or was Miyaji actually smiling back at him? It was either a mirage, or a veritable Christmas miracle. If the first-year had a camera, he would have snapped a picture of this and kept it forever. Once in a lifetime occurrence? Possibly. The dark-haired boy gave another chuckle as the vice captain pointed out the mistletoe. Unable resist the urge to tease (so much for Christmas spirit), he looked up at the other boy with a sly grin. “Hey, who knows? Maybe you and your mystery female guest might get caught under it,” he laughed.

The sound of footsteps heralded the arrival of yet another guest, and Azusa’s head whipped over to the entrance. So even Koguma was here? Wonderful! Nodding in salutation to Miyaji, Azusa took up his duty as party host and went over to greet the girl. After all, it would be very rude to leave a cute girl unattended to at a party, right?

"Yo, Kuma-chan," he called, waving to the other first-year as he headed over, he noted that she was staring at the decorations. So he had done a good job after all? That was good to know. "You like the decorations?" he asked, face practically glowing with pride. It had taken him ages to hang those streamers and tinsel up with only himself and a ladder, but the hard work had paid off.