• “You make me smile every time I see you, I’m not even just saying that. You really do.”
  • “God Frankie you’re hot, isn’t he hot?”
  • “When you leave this house you’re going to be famous as hell”
  • *Kisses Frankie’s head* “ My little Frankie….”
  • “I’ll be your bae, All day i’ll be your bae”
  • “ I LOVE Frankie James Grande Marchione”
  • “I say this all the time, you are by far the funniest, most entertaining person I’ve met in my entire life. I can just watch you….forever”



the nostalgia is extremely strong right now

this song and people were literally what got me through my junior year of high school and i have no idea if i couldve done it without them

also its really weird going back and watching these videos cause they were always like these awesome college students and now??? im the age??? that they were in this video???

Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa (no spoilers)

I just rewatched this movie for the first time in a long time. Since last viewing it, I have rewatched FMA 2003 several times, so the series was fresh in my mind when I viewed the film. This movie kept me a lot of company when I was younger. I loved it to death, watched it tons of times. I was eager to see how well it held up, now that I’ve started judging things more critically. Unfortunately, as predicted, it didn’t hold up nearly as well as the original series did, and doesn’t come remotely close to reaching the same quality.

This movie had a lot of great ideas to play around with. It had great animation, a solid opening act, a great dub, and was well-directed. The new setting to explore was interesting and had a lot of potential, some of which was lived up to. Even so, the movie had a lot of issues. Characters were not fleshed out enough, and several things that happened felt weird and had a lack of emotional payoff as a result. Some mechanics felt flimsy and really stretched believability. The villain was poorly developed. The movie also didn’t further the original series’ themes in any notable way, making its purpose for existing even more questionable. Even some of the characters carried over from the original series didn’t feel at home in the movie, like they belonged or had much to contribute; they weren’t done much justice. All of this adds up to a severe lack of tension in the climax, and a lack of general payoff.

Overall, as predicted, the original 51-episode series is much better off without this movie. Shamballa was an unnecessary sequel, and it doesn’t do too well in justifying its existence. If you’ve seen FMA 2003 and are curious about this movie, I wouldn’t necessarily say to avoid it. There are certainly good things about it. Just don’t go in expecting something of the same caliber as FMA 2003.

Arnold @schwarzenegger Epic Lat Spread Pose.

PS : I’m really mesmerized, speechless and overwhelmed by nostalgia and this photo right now and trust me when i tell you this picture is worth a thousand words. Please bring back #oldschoolbodybuilding !

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Haha, right?? 

thatseanguyblogs and I just got back from it. Though, I’ll be honest… I didn’t leave it going “OMG AMAZING” more “OMG… FRESH.” 

Despite the sand, grit, and blazing heat, it was such a breath of fresh air. It hit the right nostalgia buttons as far as the series and genre is concerned, but took the plot and characterization some place new. 

Idk, if an adventure/death and flames film can be a feel good movie, it was. 

Though, I do wish they’d done more with it. The message that’s got so many MRAs pissed off didn’t actually get as strong of a resolution as I was hoping for. 

************ SPOILERS BELOW *************

The question asked is, “who killed the world?” but it never really gets answered. I was kind of hoping it would. But maybe that’s the point? Or maybe that’s their hope for a sequel? 

Starting from yesterday, I:

11 am- woke up

10pm- came home from Momocon

11pm to 6am- watched entire LNC stream

9am- went back to Momocon

1pm- came home and went to sleep (during storm)

8pm- briefly woke up but went back to sleep

5am- just woke up

I had a recorded VHS growing up...

It had a double feature of Back to the Future and Joe Versus The Volcano both recorded off an old scratchy ABC channel in the 90s. I always knew it by sight from its sticker label with black and red sharpie marker. it was my very favorite VHS tape. 

 In fact VHS tapes are really cool because growing up we never labeled them effectively or reused them regularly just getting new shows and movies that would come up on weekly basic TV (unless they were really old and worth saving aforementioned) so when you popped one in you never knew what you were gonna get or what would come after that or what episode of Bobby’s World you had or if this episode of The Legendary Journeys of Hercules would cut out halfway through.

man… I was not expecting to have this feels today.

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"yiff in hell, furfag" I`ve honestly been in this fandom since i was 15 (i`m 20 now) and i haven't heard that insult since i`ve first joined. i`m having some nostalgia right now to a time where i actually gave a damn about furry hate XD

Right!! xD

Talking to my original roleplaying friends. From 10 years ago. I can’t believe I’ve been a part of the roleplaying community for 10 years, or that I kept in contact with the friends I’ve made.

One of them I value above the others. Our friendship just developed into something more serious than I had with the rest of our group. We supported each other through high school, and we still talk today.

The nostalgia is overwhelming sometimes.

Story Time! (Because nostalgia.)

Right. So, I used to have this necklace…It was simple, just a chain and a replica of a silver paper airplane that Harry (Styles) used to wear around his neck. I got it for $3 off of Etsy and I loved it very dearly. I didn’t take it off for nearly a year. On the 8th of August, 2014, I gave it to a young girl at her first One Direction concert and she, in return, gave me a glow necklace (that is currently hanging off of my rear view mirror). I had asked her, before 5 Seconds of Summer had even gone on, if this were her first concert and she’d nodded quite happily. I remember that excitement so vividly for myself. We chatted on and off all through the pre-concert happenings. When it came time for 5SOS to come on, I tapped her shoulder and asked if she was ready. She just gave me the BIGGEST smile and we started cheering our hearts out. After their set ended, I sat down and she turned around in her seat (she was directly in front of me) and asked if this was my first concert too. I explained that I’d been the night before and had the absolute time of my life. And then I asked her who her favourite was. She said, ‘Zayn because he has a pretty voice’ and she liked his hair. She asked me who my favourite was and I told her that Harry is my favourite and I loved him with all of my heart. Then, I took off the necklace that hadn’t left my neck for a whole, long year. I held it in my palm so she could see the pendant. 'He used to wear a necklace like this,’ I told her. Her eyes widened bigger than I thought possible when I told her, 'I haven’t taken it off in a year!’ I took her small hand, flattened it out, and put the necklace in it. The look on her face when she showed her dad this beat up silver pendant made giving it away SO worth it. She made her dad put it on her and then scolded him because 'it was on backwards’ (it faced the opposite direction than it did when I wore it) so he switched it. I remember her turning to me after with her hand clenched around it and the greatest smile on her face. She undid her red glow necklace and put it on my lap while I was talking to my best friend. I thanked her very much and she just smiled and looked down at my, now her, necklace. When the lights went down for One Direction to come on, she grabbed my hand and we both squealed a little. I asked if she was ready and she started jumping up and down so I did too. We had so much fun that night, her and I. We sang WMYB to each other and danced our hearts out together for BSE. She had her dad take pictures of Harry for me and I pointed out where Zayn was for her every time she lost sight of him (we made a stellar team). At the end, when it was over (but before my 'the concert is over’ panic set in), she turned back around and hugged me super tight and told me that I 'should marry Harry because I made One Direction even specialer,’ and all I could think was that SHE had been the one to make One Direction so special. I’ll never forget that little girl. We had so much fun. I wonder if she’s going to see the boys again this summer. I wonder if she still wears the necklace. I hope so. ❤️