I was at the taping yesterday but I didn’t see the ending.
I…I have to admit it, guys. I screamed really loudly when it was Drew and Nigel.

Nigel Wick. My favorite character on that show and the reason I became Craig’s fan. 

I watched that show from start to finish and when I rediscovered Craig I went “It’s Mr. Wick!”

I loved Mr. Wick. Hell, he’s part of my username on Twitter. 

I will always have a place in my heart for the Nigel Wick character.

Craig doing that gag with Drew and Mr. Wick and it being a dream? I screamed and then burst into hysterical tears. It was beautiful…it was the sort of ending I needed.

It was like it was for me. I know it’s not but it felt like it.

Thank you, Craig. Oh god thank you. That helped soften the blow. It was beautiful….

You guys don’t know what the character and actor mean to me.

I told you a few days ago the history of Mr Wick for me.
He’s always been special to me.
Craig’s always been special to me.

This ending…it’s special. ♥