Eres y seguirás siendo en mi memoria lo más hermoso que me ha pasado en la vida. Me doy cuenta ahora de cuánto te amo al escribirte éstas palabras, hasta pronto… quizá. De todas maneras estás aquí, siempre estarás aquí. Sé que en alguna parte, respiras, y eso ya es mucho. Te amo.
—  Marc Levy
The boutique. {Zara and Tobias}

{Zara began to walk up main street, fliers and phone in hand, and in search of help. The boutique was just opening, and in desperate need of an unboxing and setting up. For this, Zara was asked to find people who would be willing to help - with pay of course, and it wasn’t going to well. Everyone she had spoken to was either far too busy or didn’t need the money in the first place. In a last ditch effort Zara was searching for someone who looked capable, and relaxed. She very quickly spotted a laid back looking young man, with dark curls and blue eyes. “This might hold some potential” Zara thought as she very promptly changed direction and started to walk towards him.} 

“Hey, excuse me! Would you happen to have any spare time right about now?”