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When you have two sons and one of them is called Haakon the Good and the other is Eric Bloodaxe, you do not leave the kingdom to the second guy. Seriously, Harald, this shouldn’t be hard.

When, in December 1936, the once promising and glamorous King Edward VIII abdicated the throne because of his romance with the twice divorced Wallis Simpson, there was little sympathy from the older generation such as his aunt, Queen Maud of Norway, and his cousin, Queen Marie of Romania, whose own conceptions of duty were far stronger than those of the ex-king. Maud could not bring herself to mention Mrs. Simpson by name in a letter to Queen Mary soon after the abdication: “Where is She? Do wish something could happen and prevent them from marrying. How sad it all is, that he has ruined his life, fear later he will be sorry what he has done and given up.”
—   Born to Rule, p. 361