today's the day!

leaving to spend about 20 days canoeing down the Harricana river and crossing the James Bay of the Arctic ocean :) i cannot wait. i don’t have much of a queue, i apologize, but i promise i will be back! bye guys!

I’m thinking about the bay trip and missing those last nights we all spent in that teepee in our sleeping bags, sleeping in a circle around that birch fire. I miss that feeling and the solidarity of us all being there, and how comfortable and close we all felt

Just made it back to the states after completing the most amazing, arduous and incredible journey of my life up to date. I feel like a different, stronger person and I already really miss the wilderness and the other 7 women that I grew so close to over the past 3 1/2 weeks. Nothing feels right at the moment, I feel like I should be preparing to curl up in a teepee around a huge fire of birch logs with all of my girls. However, I am so happy and honored that I got the chance to have that experience and I will hold it in my heart through this year, the hard times and forever. This past month has been so great, I don’t even have words that can adequately describe it. Long story short though, I crossed the tip of the Arctic Ocean in a canoe after about 17 days running crazy white water on a secluded northern river and it was the best thing I have ever fucking done.