GA Gov Nathan Deal declares Emergency ahead of Winter Storm to hit State:

“A state of emergency has been declared for the following North Georgia counties: Catoosa, Dade, Dawson, Fannin, Gilmer, Habersham, Lumpkin, Murray, Pickens, Rabun, Towns, Union, Walker, White and Whitfield. The order notes that in these counties forecasts call for ice accumulation and moderately high wind gusts that could bring down tree limbs. In an effort to minimize the number of afternoon commuters, I have directed state agency heads to close state offices in the 15 affected counties as well as on Capitol Hill, with the exception of all essential and emergency personnel. State employees in these areas are encouraged to telecommute. ” -Gov Deal


This was a research project for my Principles of GIS class, and so far I’ve presented it at four conferences. From 1850-1959, the Census of Agriculture measured land value, in dollars per acre, averaged by county. To see the effects of the Civil War on the national economy, I obtained the 1860 and 1870 datasets, and ran them through a model that rasterized both and compared them to produce a raster that expressed the percent difference between the values, and adjusted for 40% inflation between the two years. This rasterization was to overcome the broad boundary changes between 1860 and 1870, where a lot of counties changed boundaries between the Census years.

I haven’t figured out what caused the widespread property value loss, but I have some theories. What I was looking for with the original study was the effect of war damage centered around the primary theater of Northern Virginia and the Mississippi River Valley, maybe seeing a tranche of destroyed counties across northern Georgia and South Carolina to represent Sherman’s damages, but I never thought I’d see such widespread property loss. Quite a few counties in the Cotton Kingdom went from $40-50 an acre (inflation-adjusted) to $2-3 per acre. Something in the war bodyslammed land value in the South in a systemic way, and a follow-up statistical examination produced very little in the way of significance.



Eurycea lucifuga-Cave Salamander

Geographic Range                  

Found throughout most of Kentucky, reaching up into the southwest tip of Ohio and into much of southern Indiana.  From there, the range extends from the southern tip of Illinois, southern Missouri, northern Arkansas, the northeast tip of Oklahoma and the southeast tip  of Kansas.  The range also covers central and eastern Tennessee, the northern portions of Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi, and extends up the border between the Virginias. Breeding occurs from September to February (possibly later in some areas), and can occur twice in the same year.  Females have been found with 5-120 eggs. Eggs have only rarely been found, they are laid singly, apparently in deep recesses in cave streams and springs (Collins, et. al, 1995, Petranka 1998).  Small larvae, approximately 17.5 mm, emerge that are uniform in color with three longitudinal rows of spots and a broad tail fin. E. lucifuga eat many kinds of invertebrates, including many kinds of insects, mites, ticks, isopods, earthworms, and other soft-bodied creatures. At least one study has found juvenile slimy salamanders (Plethodon glutinosus) in the stomachs of specimens of this species (Petranka, 1998).  It has a baletoid tongue which it uses in combination with a short lunge to capture its prey, being able to fully extend the tongue in approximately 5.5 milliseconds (Deban 1996).  They have long, angled vomerine teeth accompanied by parasphenoid teeth which form club-shaped patches

This species is endangered in Kansas, but currently has no federal status.  Activities by humans in and around the caves in addition to groundwater pollution have been thought to be the potential sources of the decline in populations.

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Barry Hazle, one of the very few atheists in prison cells, was imprisoned for drug possession. A crime open to debate if it should even be illegal, but anyway, after he was released and put on parole (in California) he was re-arrested for asking for a secular treatment program for his addiction, instead of the religious  Narcotics Anonymous.

Even though he was attending these classes while asking his parole agent to get a secular class, he was arrested during one of the meetings.

He got a hefty settlement for this illegal imprisonment.

If Christians had to attend treatment centers based around the Islamic Quran or Allah, or readings of atheist books, I think they would be unhappy.

Well atheists don’t like the government forcing them to participate in Christian (or religious in general) activities.

By the way, I hope this probation agent was fired soon after, but he probably still is working that job.

Georgia Man in Chase After Stealing Locksmith's Services Crashes and Kills One Girl and Injures Two Other Girls on Sidewalk

Georgia Man in Chase After Stealing Locksmith’s Services Crashes and Kills One Girl and Injures Two Other Girls on Sidewalk

Tansu Kanlica, left, and Garrett Kyle Anderson.

A locksmith who police say was chasing a 23-year-old who drove away before paying for a lockout service lost control of his car and hit three teenage girls on a sidewalk in northern Georgia, killing one and injuring the other two. (more…)

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I will be friends with Bethany forever. She is one of the most generous, kind, and genuine people I know. Her smile lights up a room and her laughter is contagious. We met in college and it doesn’t matter how long it’s been since we’ve talked or seen each other - it never seems like any time has passed. I love that about our friendship. 

I had the honor of photographing Bethany and Louie’s wedding. My friend was SUCH a beautiful bride. The love that Bethany and Louie share is so special. You could see and feel it all throughout the day! More photos to come, but here are some of my favorites! Enjoy!