*Cool and witty title*

Hello, my name is Claire and I’m 15 years old living in Louisiana, Usa. I currently speak English and am teaching myself French. (If you speak French I love you would love to be your penpal)

Personality ok. I have a intresting sense of humor, I use yolo ironically and love puns. My intrests are soccer (I play midfield and defense) writing, and reading. My current two favorite books are Dante and Aristotle discover the Secrets of the Universe and Eleanour and Park. I’m really into the singers/bands The Neighbourhood, 21 Pilots, Marina and the Diamonds, Ed Sheeran etc. 

My ideal pen pal would be in thw age range of 14-17, speak fluent English and some French, and is lgbt+ friendly and an overall accepting person. 

I hope to hear from some of you soon. Here are some of my social medias:

Tumblr, Instagram,

My gmail is: clairechevalierelizabeth@gmail.com

u got kik ;) because I do: claireelizabeth.x

Thanks for reading hope to hear from you soon.

Toadstools, mushrooms, Fungi, edible and poisonous; one thousand American Fungi; how to select and cook the edible; how to distinguish and avoid the poisonous, with full botanic descriptions, by Charles McIlvaine … and Robert K. Macadam. on Flickr.

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