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In your own head, who do you imagine can hold their liquor best to worst? Lets say, in GFH AU. I'd imagine since most of them seem to frequent the same bar, they woulda learned over time who could and couldn't drink a lot.

Just the Freelancers

  1. Texas
  2. Maine
  3. South
  4. North
  5. Florida
  6. Carolina
  7. Connie
  8. Wyoming
  9. Washington
  10. York

Irony? Wash used to be a bartender. Poor idiot can’t hold his liquor.


Hi, this is my best friend, Sammi.

Sammi is a green cheek conure that went missing around 6-7pm on the 17th of July, 2014. He got startled and flew into some woods behind my house in Flora Park.

If anyone in the Yulee, Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island, or Jacksonville, Florida area spots him, please notify me immediately.

He is an average sized conure. He is mostly green with white and black around his neck and some of his chest. There is a small patch of rust-red feathers on the lower part of his belly. His tail feathers are red. The inside of his wing feathers are blue. His feet are a mixture of gray and pink.

He knows how to say his name (albeit poorly) as well as “Step up!” and “Whatcha doin?” but tends to be shy about speaking around strangers. So if you hear him, it will probably just be screeches or squawks.

He loves sliced apples and may fly to you if you have them. He dislikes men and will fly over and attack them.

Email at:
Or contact me here.

Please, please, please signal boost. I know the likelihood of tumblr finding him is slim, but I will do anything to know he is safe.