Long time no see tumblr!

My Tank Girl cosplay from Boston Comic con! Guest starring norsestorm as Ramona Flowers. Love that girl. 

I GOT TO SEE JASON MAMOA. I didn’t actually meet him, but he walked by on the con floor and heard me sigh in absolute pleasure and he smiled and looked at the floor. Good job Katy, embarrassing yourself in front of one celebrity after another. I assumed after meeting Tom Felton and keeping my composure I could handle this…but guys….Draco is a boy and the Khal…wow…what a man. 

He’s fucking tall too it’s actually hysterical how little I felt near him. (I mean I was sitting, but like guys I’m 5 ft tall I’m not that far from the ground anyways)

Had a great time this weekend. I missed being at a con and with good friends. :3

Me and my friends from tonight, in all of our assembled glory.

Photo once again by Rodney Brown, because he’s the fucking man. Awwww yissss.

I must say that despite the fact that I was nervous about going out, I actually don’t regret it at all! I had a lot of fun.